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Assisting with investigations and prosecutions

The Attorney General’s Office assists prosecuting attorneys in complicated trials or are appointed as special prosecutors when there is a conflict of interest. This important legal work saved counties approximately $2.7 million in 2014.

Attorneys in the Public Safety Section had 410 active special prosecutions pending in 92 counties and St. Louis at the end of 2014. They obtained ten first-degree murder convictions that resulted in nine sentences of life without parole and one death sentence.

Prosecuting attorneys who have questions about a case or need assistance can e-mail Public Safety.

The Criminal Appeals Section represents the state in every felony case appealed to the Missouri Supreme Court and Missouri Court of Appeals.

Missouri Office of Prosecution Services

Missouri Office of Prosecution Services (MOPS)
Phone: 573-751-0619
Fax: 573-751-1171
Address: P.O. Box 899
Jefferson City, MO 65102

The MOPS office is a state governmental entity established in Section 56.750, et seq. to assist prosecuting attorneys.

The office provides technical assistance to prosecuting attorneys. The staff trains prosecuting attorneys and is the primary source of continuing legal education for prosecutors. The MOPS office conducts two statewide conferences per year as well as trial schools and numerous specialized conferences throughout the year.

The office also updates the Missouri Prosecutors Trial Casebook and Missouri Prosecutors Form Book. The office serves as a clearinghouse of materials for prosecuting attorneys. It publishes a monthly newsletter that includes caselaw updates and information about MOPS programs.