The Governmental Affairs Section’s mission and objectives are to:

  • defend Missouri’s Constitution, statutes, and state agencies, through representing the State of Missouri in a wide variety of legal proceedings;
  • protect Missouri’s public safety, vulnerable populations, and natural resources, through initiating enforcement actions against licensed professionals, registered entities, and others that violate their legal obligations and do harm to Missourians; and
  • promote local governmental transparency through enforcing Missouri’s Sunshine Law and providing public education and training. 

Attorneys in the Section serve as litigation counsel to the State of Missouri and its state agencies, boards, and commissions, as well as provide outside general counsel and advisory services to many of those same bodies.  The Section has over 50 state executive, legislative, and judicial clients.  Attorneys practice in both state and federal trial and appellate courts, as well as in state administrative tribunals.  

The Section’s attorneys are able to engage with a wide variety of matters as appropriate to their skills and experiences.  This includes almost any type of legal claim that does not contain a request for monetary damages against the State.  The Section’s most common legal areas include constitutional law; statutory interpretation; administrative law; professional licensure discipline against those who do not adhere to state laws and disciplinary rules, including police officers, educators, and real estate agents; election law, campaign finance, and ballot initiatives; Sunshine Law enforcement and education; environmental and natural resources law; government contracts; criminal records expungements; social services and mental health work, including guardianships, abuse and neglect issues, and eligibility for services; and animal welfare and cruelty issues to shut down facilities providing substandard or inhumane conditions. 


Frequently Asked Questions