The Financial Services Section protects Missourians by recovering money owed to the state. They help collect money owed to other Sections of the Attorney General’s office and more than 40 other state agencies for a variety of reasons ranging from violations of consumer protection laws, to past-due student loans, to Medicaid reimbursement.

Our child support attorneys assist Missouri’s Family Support Division to provide a wide range of child support services on behalf of the whole family. This work involves establishing, enforcing and modifying child support obligations through the courts. Our attorneys work diligently to ensure children receive the right amount of support. We strive to provide professional and courteous service to all Missourians impacted by the child support enforcement program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Services Highlights for 2019:

  • The courts approved child support modifications for 1,005 cases. Those orders increased or decreased the support amount, with each case seeking the appropriate amount of support under Missouri law based on the unique circumstances of the family.
  • Financial Services processed more than $40 million overall for Missouri’s citizens.
  • Top Collections by Agency
    Consumer Protection$14,193,417.25
    Tort Victims Compensation Fund$10,150,614.47
    Medicaid Fraud$6,162,042.64
    MO Health Net, Estate Recovery$5,868,975.21
    Dept. Natural Resources$1,116,351.67
    MO Health Net, Provider Reimbursement$501,717.87
    MO Health Net, Third Party Liability$429,984.30
    Fraud and Non-Compliance$364,411.20
    Economic Development$330,238.56
    MO Incarceration Reimbursement$327,884.20

  • Our attorneys appeared in many bankruptcy court proceedings to protect both the regulatory authority the State must exercise, and the finances owed to the State by the debtors.