The Criminal Division endeavors to uphold criminal convictions and sentences obtained by the State’s prosecuting attorneys. The division represents the State in all felony appeals and felony post-conviction appeals, and in cases where sexually violent predators have been committed to the Department of Mental Health for care and treatment. The division also handles a small number of driver’s license revocation appeals. Attorneys from the division appear regularly in Missouri’s appellate courts, and in recent years they have handled more than 800 appeals each year. 

The work of the Criminal Division benefits Missouri citizens in more ways than one. In striving to uphold lawfully obtained convictions, the division works to protect Missourians from violent and dangerous offenders. In seeking to uphold the law, the division works to preserve the constitutional rights of all Missouri citizens, including those accused of crimes. The mission of the Criminal Division is not merely to uphold every conviction, but to ensure that criminal convictions can ultimately be viewed with confidence. To that end, attorneys in the division approach each case with an eye toward ensuring both that justice has been done and that the rights of the accused have been adequately protected.

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