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1-46Feb 28COUNTY COURT. County court has power to sell county land and in the absence of specific statutory direction as to the procedure of the sale, only reasonable precautions must be taken.
1-46July 10SHERIFFS IN COUNTIES OF THE THIRD CLASS. Shall collect all fees, both criminal and civil, and shall collect the amount as provided by existing fee statutes; the sheriff and county court may not enter into an agreement to pay the sheriff a flat 5¢ a mile for his mileage; sheriff shall bill the county court at the end of each month for feeding prisoners and for mileage.
1-46Sept 12INDEMNITY.
Purchaser of tubercular steer, which was purchased for butchering, is not entitled to indemnity even though the carcass was destroyed on order of State Veterinarian as unfit for consumption by human beings.
1-46Dec 16DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE – AGRICULTURAL & VEGETABLE SEEDS. Neither agricultural nor vegetable seeds may be sold or offered for sale in the State of Mo. under Sec. 14271, Art. 16, Chap. 102, R.S. Mo. 1939, nor may rules or regulations be adopted under Sec. 14272, unless such seeds are free from seeds of Canada thistle, Johnson grass, and field Bindweed (convolvulus arvensis).
Judge of probate court in counties of less than 30,000 inhabitants is ex officio judge of magistrate court. Additional clerks, deputy clerks and employees may be provided for magistrate court by county court, where necessity exists, their salaries to be paid by county. Stenographic services for probate judge are paid for by the county out of Class 4 as provided in Budget Act. Clerk of magistrate court may receive pay for stenographic work done for probate judge. Clerk of magistrate court may act a stenographer for probate judge, and will be paid for such services in addition to his salary as clerk of magistrate court. Stenographic services for prosecuting attorney may be paid for by county out of Class 4 as provided in Budget Act.
The General Assembly has the power to increase the salary of circuit judges during their term of office.
3-46Nov 22APPROPRIATIONS.Applicability of House Bill No. 837 of the 63rd General Assembly to expenditures made by Central Missouri State College.
5-46Aug 9TAXATION AND REVENUE.Definition of term “other political subdivision” as used in subsection 10, Section 39, Article III, Constitution of 1945.
6-46Jan 4NEWSPAPER. Entitled to be reinstated under Section 14968, page 859, Laws of Missouri, 1943, by the fulfillment of the requirement of the statute. Publisher defined.
(1) Notice of primary candidates to be given by Secretary of State by April 8, 1946. (2) Last filing date for candidates for August 1946 primary is April 30, 1946.
6-46Mar 18ELECTIONS. Declaration of candidacy for nomination as circuit judge of a judicial district composed of but one county should, under Section 11553, R. S. Mo. 1939, be filed with Secretary of State.
6-46Apr 20OFFICERS.
Office of magistrate is constitutional office and persons aspiring to such office should file declarations with county clerk.
Sections 18 and 25, Constitution of 1945; Senate Bill 207. In counties of 30,000 or less, persons seeking office of probate judge and magistrate must qualify for probate judge. There is no conflict as to qualifications for magistrates by the Constitution and Senate Bill 207.
6-46July 19ELECTIONS.Name of candidate should not be printed on official ballots when such candidate dies before primary election.
6-46Nov 27ELECTIONS. Secretary of State in canvassing of votes for members of congress, state senators and representatives and judges of the circuit courts does not follow procedure laid down in Section 18, Article IV of the Constitution of Missouri.
7-46July 10COUNTY BUDGET LAW.Appropriation for county hospitals comes out of class five of Budget Law.
7-46Oct 29CITIES.
Sales tax should be collected on sales of electrical current and water by a municipally owned light and water plant. In Re: Franchises of telephone and other public utility companies.
10-46Aug 26COUNTY COURTS.Use of seal, and fee of Sheriff and deputy for attending such court.
The State of Missouri owns beds of navigable waters, and the riparian only owns to low water mark of navigable waters.
Section 4, Article IV, Constitution of 1945 does not permit the Governor to fill vacancy in office of sheriff. Such vacancy filled by County Court.
10-46Oct 24COUNTY COURTS. Use of seal. Supplement to Opinion No. 10 dated 8/26/46.
10-46Nov 8STATE BOARD OF OPTOMETRY.Without authority to limit the statutory qualification-period of registered apprentice to five years by regulation.
11-46Feb 8TAXATION.
Section 13763, R. S. Mo. 1939 is a complete scheme providing for the levying and expenditures of funds for particular road purposes.
11-46July 1ELECTIONS.
Who entitled to be considered candidates; what is a proper declaration of candidacy.
11-46July 9MISSOURI STATE SANATORIUM.Senate Bill No. 129, 63rd General Assembly applies to Sanatorium.
11-46Oct 1SCHOOLS.
Procedure for election and distribution of county and township school funds.
12-46Jan 21INSANE PERSONS.Probate Court has authority under Section 605, R. S. Mo. 1939, to commit a veteran to an institution outside the State of Missouri.
12-46July 22SHERIFFS.
The sheriff of Greene County and his deputies are paid according to the provision of House Bill No. 939 after July 1, 1946.
12-46July 30SCHOOLS.(1) Upon filing of petition for consolidation with county superintendent of schools, or filing of petition for annexation with school board of a common school district, jurisdiction attaches when the petition is filed. (2) In the formation of a consolidated school district the superintendent, in laying out the boundary lines of the proposed consolidated district, cannot include in such district part of a previously organized consolidated district.
12-46Aug 20CIRCUIT COURTS AND SALARIES.Circuit Judge of the 26th Judicial Circuit not entitled to change of venue fee provided in Sec. 1074, R. S. Mo. 1939.
The Circuit Clerk of Greene County is not entitled to receive $1200 compensation for serving as clerk of the board of paroles of that judicial circuit.
13-46Jan 12TAXATION AND REVENUE. Duties of County Collector with respect to acceptance of tender of payment upon separable items of property.
County Court not authorized to employ special counsel, with certain exceptions.
13-46Mar 28PAROLE.An alleged parole violator may be held for re-arrest for a reasonable time.
13-46May 16Hon. Edmund Burke WITHDRAWN
13-46May 17LIQUOR.a) Definition of “managing officer” of a corporation in licensing statute. b) A foreign corporation with resident “managing officer” of good moral character may be issued any kind of license. A foreign corporation with no resident “managing officer” may be issued a solicitor’s license only.
13-46May 23ELECTIONS.
The City of Excelsior Springs must hold a primary election before holding a special election to fill a vacancy in the city council. The city may vote on the proposition of issuing revenue bonds to acquire a municipally owned light plant at the same time that the special election is held to fill the vacancy in the city council.
13-46July 11Hon. L. Madison BywatersWITHDRAWN
13-46July 12BOARD OF PROBATION AND PAROLE.Do not have authority to revoke a parole or conditional commutation, or to rescind the revocation thereof, signed by the Governor prior to July 1, 1946; shall pay expense of returning inmate upon revocation of parole or conditional commutation; has no authority to make rules regarding final discharge from parole and only Governor can grant commutation.
13-46Aug 12TAXATION.
Power of county court to correct erroneous assessments of real estate under Sections 23 and 24 of HCSHB 469.
13-46Dec 19OFFICERS. One person may not hold the office of recorder of deeds and city collector at the same time, nor may one person hold the office of magistrate and police judge of a city at the same time.
15-46Aug 17DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE. Appeals under Sec. 9411 R. S. Mo. 1939, shall be made to the Director of Public Health and Welfare under Senate Bill No. 349.
15-46Nov 18LABOR DEPARTMENT.Division of Employment Security may submit their plan of operation for the Missouri State Employment Service to the Secretary of Labor of the United States.
16-46Feb 14COUNTY COURTS. Right to purchase lands sold under school fund mortgages.
16-46June 21MOTOR VEHICLES.Operating vehicle in Missouri registered under the Dealer’s and Manufacturer’s Law of Kansas; necessity of chauffeur’s license of person operating such vehicle.
16-46Oct 28LIQUOR CONTROL. (1) 3.2% nonintoxicating beer may not be sold to minors; (2) 3.2% nonintoxicating beer may be sold on Sunday but Sec. 4742, R. S. 1939, may be invoked against the act of selling same.
17-46July 30SHERIFF.
Sheriff cannot enter into agreement with county court whereby the sheriff’s family would be furnished their groceries as reimbursement for feeding prisoners.
18-46Apr 19ELECTIONS.Declarations of candidacy may be filed with county clerk by mail or by a person other than the candidate himself. Receipt of payment to county central committee should be filed therewith.
Five questions regarding issuance of warrants in anticipation of revenue under Article X, Section 12(a), Constitution of 1945; setting up of the budget of counties in same respect; classification of expenditures under Sections 10911 and 10914, Laws of Mo., 1941; not necessary to revise budget after July 1, 1946.
18-46June 11ELEEMOSYNARY INSTITUTIONS.The Board of Managers of the Missouri School for the Blind may provide additional facilities to be paid out of a fund that does not contain an appropriation from the State of Missouri.
18-46July 13ELECTIONS.
The assessor of St. Francois County who was appointed to fill the vacancy in the office does not hold office for the entire term but only until the beginning of the term after the next general election.
18-46Aug 28TAXATION AND REVENUE.Five questions relative to procedure to be had under H.C.S.H.B. 868 of the 63rd General Assembly, relating to taxation of intangible personal property.
18-46Dec 10ASSESSORS.
House Bills 891 and 890, which raise the fees of assessors of third and fourth class counties, are not in violation of Sec. 13, Art. VII, Const. of Mo. 1945, which prohibits the increasing of compensation of county officers during their terms.
19-46Nov 14TAX LEVY.An increase in the levy above the constitutional and statutory limit of taxes for public health purposes would be unconstitutional, when such levy is ordered by the circuit court.
20-46Jan 23SCHOOLS.
(1) University of Missouri may charge Veterans Administration non-resident tuition fees for resident veterans; (2) Lincoln University may charge Veterans Administration non-resident tuition fees for resident veterans; (3) State Teachers Colleges may charge Veterans Administration non-resident tuition fees for resident veterans.
20-46Apr 25W. J. CremerWITHDRAWN
20-46May 24SHERIFFS. Reports required to be made in third class counties.
20-46July 23SCHOOLS.
The county court must pay clerical help of the superintendent of schools in Mississippi County within the limits prescribed in HCSHB No. 770.
20-46Sept 11QUARANTINE. State Veterinarian, under Sec. 14195, R.S. 1939, may quarantine chickens infected with Newcastle disease. The Governor, under Sec. 14207, may issue proclamation quarantining areas in which Newcastel disease is widely disseminated or epidemic. State Veterinarian, or his deputy, may quarantine chickens infected with or which have been exposed to infection by Newcastle disease when offered for sale at a community sale. No authority exists for any state officer to order destruction of chickens.
20-46Sept 23TAXATION AND REVENUE.Liability for filing return of intangible personal property by resident beneficiary of trust estate.
The members of a partnership may operate cars owned by them without taking out a registered operator’s license.
County surveyor must sign ‘record of surveys’ and same cannot be signed by deputy or third persons.
20-46Oct 29PROBATE CLERK. In counties wherein probate judge and magistrate judge are one, the probate and magistrate clerk may practice law in all courts except the probate and magistrate court.
20-46Nov 14COMMON SCHOOLS. Directors of common school districts can employ attorneys to defend mandamus action if they are acting in good faith.
20-46Dec 19BOARD OF ACCOUNTANCY. Paragraph (c) Section 14911f, Laws of Missouri, 1943, prescribes alternative qualifications for individuals who apply for certificates as certified public accountants.
21-46Feb 18COUNTIES.County Court cannot make donation to city for municipal airport.
21-46Mar 8ROAD DISTRICTS.Surplus monies in a Road District’s Sinking Fund cannot be transferred to other funds for other purposes until the principal indebtedness and the interest thereon, has been extinguished.
21-46Sept 14SHERIFF’S FEES.Fees earned by sheriff before July 1, 1946 that do not exceed the statutory limitation of $5,000 for a period of one year may be retained by him.
22-46Jan 29AIRPORTS.The legislative body of a political subdivision which has established an airport may establish a board or body to administer the same.
22-46Apr 26MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS.Discussion of rights of foreign municipal corporations to acquire real property for airport purposes in Missouri and incidental matters relative thereto.
22-46July 1COUNTY PLANNING AND ZONING.Authority of Missouri State Department of Resources and Development relative to master plans adopted by counties of the first class.
22-46Dec 9MEMORIAL AIRPORTS. One municipality only may establish a memorial airport under House Bill #192. Two or more municipalities cannot combine for such purpose. An appraisement or valuation of real estate previously acquired cannot be used by a municipality as a basis for appropriated funds for matching the $10,000 State aid. The Governor and the Missouri State Division of Resources and Development would have the right to follow matching State funds for memorial airports to see that they are lawfully expended.
22-46Dec 16ASSESSORS.Receive an annual compensation from June 1st of one year to May 31st of the next year.
The Central Missouri State Teachers College is unauthorized to accept money from the Federal Government under Title V, Public Law 458, 78th Congress. The acceptance of such money would be a contract without express authority of law in contravention of Section 39 (4), Art. III, Const. 1945.
23-46July 6SALARIES.
City of St. Louis is entitled to all fees and mileage paid by State Auditor for transportation of prisoners to Penitentiary under Section 13413, R. S. Mo. 1939.
24-46Feb 5PUBLIC SCHOOL RETIREMENT SYSTEM. May use money collected to maintain office and incidental expenses.
24-46Mar 29Mr. G. L. Donahoe WITHDRAWN
24-46Apr 26Mr. G. L. DonahoeWITHDRAWN
24-46May 16PUBLIC SCHOOL RETIREMENT SYSTEM.Prior service credit not allowed in PSRS under House Bill 151 for time served in the armed forces by a teacher.
24-46July 18SHERIFF’S FEES. Sheriff is entitled to retain fees earned in juvenile proceedings.
24-46Aug 3DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE.Warehousemen licensed under Art. 1, Chap. 141, R.S. Mo. 1939, not subject to provisions of House Bill 164.
25-46Nov 25MAGISTRATES.Magistrates may not have any connection with a law suit even though it was filed prior to assuming office.
26-46Jan 2COUNTY COURTS. The County Court of Adair County is not authorized to donate money for a building in which to locate a glove factory in the City of Kirksville, Missouri.
26-46Jan 3STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE. The money derived from the sale of a car belonging to the Southwest Missouri State Teachers College by the State Purchasing Agent should go into the Southwest Missouri State Teachers College Fund.
26-46July 5Hon. Walter A. EggersWITHDRAWN
26-46Dec 31MAGISTRATES. (1) Magistrate may not require fee for solemnization of marriage; (2) Magistrate cannot be compelled to solemnize marriages.
27-46Jan 2PROBATE JUDGES. Probate Judge shall be licensed to practice law in this state, except that probate judges in office at the time of the adoption of the Constitution of 1945, may succeed themselves without being so licensed.
27-46Mar 11TAXATION AND REVENUE. Liability for tax of property exempt therefrom on date of assessment.
27-46June 4TAXATION AND REVENUE.Corporation continuing to exercise corporate privileges after the beginning of current taxable year liable for tax.
27-46July 12JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. Power to issue a warrant.
27-46July 23TAXATION AND REVENUE.Liability of corporation to file annual statement with State Tax Commission.
27-46Sept 3SCHOOLS.Directors irregularly elected are de facto directors and if they refuse to serve, the County Superintendent may appoint directors in their place.
27-46Oct 14TAXATION.The mode of assessing gas companies for tax purposes.
27-46Nov 19ELECTIONS.In case of a tie vote for clerk of the county court, the sheriff of the county calls a special election at the direction of the county clerk. Withdrawal of one candidate after a tie vote cannot avoid a special election.
28-46Apr 8CONSTITUTION OF 1945.
Authority of judges of circuit courts to establish additional magistrate courts in counties of 30,000 inhabitants or less.
29-46May 14INSURANCE.
Deduction for insurance premiums by Commission Merchants or truckers carrying livestock from farm to market are illegal where the carrier falls within the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission, if the total charges exceed the rate allowed by the commission; are illegal if the insurance is not carried whether the trucker is within jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission or not; and where insurance is carried may or may not be legal according to the contract entered into between shipper and trucker.
31-46Oct 19SCHOOLS.
County Superintendent in Fourth Class county; (1) is entitled to his actual necessary traveling expenses; (2) can employ a clerk without the consent of the county court; (3) can employ a teacher as clerk who performs the duties of clerk outside his teaching hours.
32-46Oct 14SCHOOLS.(1) Senate Bill 162 – reinvestment of certain school funds. Senate Bill 186 – election favoring annual distribution of liquidated funds, such funds credited to the school funds desired by school board. (2a) Threat of epidemic authorizes board to require vaccination before school attendance. (2b) If vaccination rule is adopted, parent not in violation of compulsory school law for not permitting child to be vaccinated.
33-46Mar 6DRAINAGE DISTRICTS.Section 12435, R. S. 1939, authorizes the county court to use the maintenance fund of the drainage district to pay engineering costs incidental to estimate of cost of cleaning ditches of drainage district.
33-46July 1JONES-MUNGER LAW. Costs to be assessed against a purchaser at a tax sale. Purchaser of property upon which homestead rights are established not entitled to possession during period of redemption.
33-46July 10SHERIFFS.
Under House Bill 899 the sheriff is responsible for feeding prisoners in the county jail in counties of the third class.
33-46Sept 20SCHOOLS. School district does not have the power to improve adjacent city streets and this power is given to cities of the fourth class by Section 7197, R. S. Mo. 1939.
34-46Mar 12CONSERVATION COMMISSION AND FISH AND GAME.Section 40(a) Article IV, Constitution 1945, is self-enforcing and it is not necessary for the Legislature to enact a statute permitting the Conservation Commission to promulgate rules and regulations. Construing House Bill #366.
Board of commissioners of special road district (benefit assessment type) may issue warrants up to amount of revenue anticipated for year in which such warrants are issued, and may by contract provide protested warrants shall bear interest at a specified rate. If no such provision is in the contract, protested warrants shall bear interest at 6%.
34-46Oct 23Hon. Clark H. GoreWITHDRAWN
35-46Mar 6CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Under Sections 18 and 25, Article 5, Constitution of 1945, justice of the peace not licensed to practice law cannot hold offices of probate judge and magistrate in counties with 30,000, or less, inhabitants.
35-46Mar 25MARRIAGE LICENSES. Filing of health certificates prior to the issuance of the licenses.
35-46Apr 24BARBERS.Applicant for renewal of certificate of registration must pass examination if certificate is not renewed within two years, though part of time was spent in military service.
35-46July 5SCHOOLS AND STATE.The Washington Technical School of St. Louis, Mo. in operating a barber school is subject to the provisions of Sec. 10134, R. S. Mo. 1939. The Board of Barber Examiners is authorized to refuse permission to take barber examinations to persons who have not graduated from a licensed barber college, if said persons are attempting to qualify under the provision of Section 10133, R. S. Mo. 1939, that they have attended a properly appointed and conducted barber school for a certain length of time.
36-46Jan 4Hon. Quentin Haden WITHDRAWN
37-46July 31CHIROPODY.Unlawful to administer foot treatments as defined in Section 9796, R.S.Mo. 1939, without a chiropody license. Unlawful to advertise, using title or chiropodist or other similar designations, if not a licensed chiropodist.
37-46Aug 9SCHOOLS. Under House Bill No. 770, county court issues warrant to pay clerk hire.
37-46Aug 13COUNTY OFFICERS.Compensation of various county officers to be received for performance of their duties as members of the county board of equalization.
37-46Aug 30CHIROPODY.A certificate to practice chiropody issued by the State Board of Health is valid. Licensee, now a resident of Missouri, is entitled to a certificate for ensuing year upon making proper application and paying the required fee.
37-46Oct 10CHIROPODY. Qualifications for taking chiropody examinations given by State Board of Chiropody.
37-46Dec 18CORONERS. Entitled to receive salaries under House Bill No. 880 from October 6, 1946.
There must be transfer of title at the time of sale. Several questions regarding jurisdiction over juvenile offenders.
38-46June 14SCHOOL DISTRICTS. Section 10484, Revised Statutes of Missouri, 1939, is applicable to consolidated school district as well as city, town or village school districts.
38-46Sept 21MARRIAGE LICENSE.Requirement of marriage health certificate that certificate of physician be obtained by all persons applying for a marriage license and that laboratory report be rendered to a physician, held invalid under the present law.
39-46July 2UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION. 1) Unemployment Compensation funds are not necessarily state funds; 2) neither are they such taxes as to require them to be paid into the State Treasury or appropriated out by law.
40-46Apr 22AND TAXES.Commissioners of public benefit assessment road district organized under Article XI, Chapter 46, R. S. Mo. 1939, unauthorized to make a tax levy under Section 3716, R. S. Mo. 1939, either with or without an election by the people.
40-46Sept 13ELECTIONS. Names of persons written in on a primary ballot should not be placed upon the official ballot for the general election.
Under Section 24, Article V, Constitution of 1945, and Section 2811.103, Missouri R. S. A., preparing state and federal income tax returns is doing law business.
41-46Jan 28MISSOURI REAL ESTATE COMMISSION. Authority to promulgate regulations requiring proof of registration of fictitious name as a condition precedent to securing Missouri real estate broker’s license.
41-46Mar 30MISSOURI REAL ESTATE COMMISSION.Fees to be charged for real estate licenses issued to copartnerships, associations or corporations.
41-46Apr 23SAVINGS AND LOAN SUPERVISION.Supervisor and assistants not entitled to pay from January 12, 1946 to January 28, 1946.
41-46June 17MISSOURI REAL ESTATE COMMISSION.Effect of entry of plea of nolo contendere, followed by probation, upon right of a person to obtain or retain a real estate broker’s or salesman’s license.
41-46Aug 29TAXATION AND REVENUE. Liability for taxation of royalties received from lease of patent.
41-46Oct 7MISSOURI REAL ESTATE COMMISSION.Status of person convicted in Federal Court and subsequently pardoned by President with respect to right to license under the Missouri Real Estate Commission Act.
41-46Oct 8TAXATION AND REVENUE. Liability for Missouri intangible personal property tax of the St. Louis Bank for Cooperatives.
41-46Oct 8TAXATION AND REVENUE. Missouri sales tax properly deductible from bank tax computed under House Bill No. 888 of the 63rd General Assembly.
41-46Oct 28TAXATION AND REVENUE. Determination of net income of pawnbrokers under House Bill No. 948 of the 63rd General Assembly.
Circuit Judge entitled to change of venue fee earned under Section 1074, R.S. Mo. 1939, but not paid to the circuit judge prior to the effective date of S.C.S.S.B. No. 442.
Circuit Judge entitled to change of venue fee earned under Section 1074, R.S. Mo. 1939, but not paid to the circuit judge prior to the effective date of S.C.S.S.B. No. 442.
42-46Apr 4BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS. Intent of Legislature to protect savings and loan associations from acts of omission is satisfied by provision of savings and loan blanket bond, Form 22, lines 92-93. Lines 101-102 of Form 22 not in conflict with Section 29 of House Bill 481.
42-46Aug 26SAVINGS AND LOAN SUPERVISION. Holder of Installment Shares retired by directors of association entitled to receive full value thereof and earnings to date of retirement.
Under S. B. No. 284 the probate court is the only count which as the power to commit indigent insane.
44-46Jan 10TOWNSHIP.Not authorized to appropriate township funds to make deposit in county treasury of sum fixed by county court as probable amount of damages to landowners in a proceeding on petition of 12 freeholders of township to establish road ordered established at cost of petitioners.
44-46Apr 25Hon. David E. Impey WITHDRAWN
44-46July 22FACTORIES.Sec. 10175, R. S. Mo. 1939, does not apply to employees of an electrical construction company making rural electrical installations.
The District No. 2, Missouri State Nurses’ Association is not a charitable organization and is subject to licensing under Sections 10161 to 10164, R. S. Mo. 1939.
45-46May 6HOTEL.
Y.M.C.A. of St. Louis required to pay hotel license fees.
45-46May 9STATE BOARD OF HEALTH.Adoption subsequent to 1917 must be by court decree.
45-46May 13 Opinion Letter to the Honorable Owen G. Jackson
Fee for inspection of soft drinks and beverages.
45-46May 16 Opinion Letter to the Honorable Owen G. Jackson
45-46May 29INTER-INDEMNITY & RECIPROCAL INSURANCE CONTRACT.In an application for license for reciprocal or inter-indemnity insurance contracts, the attorney in fact in qualifying for the license under paragraph (f) of Sec. 6080, R.S. Mo. 1939, need not state in the declaration that “100 separate risks” have been taken for automobile insurance. Automobile insurance under said paragraph (f) is exempted from the “100 separate risks” clause. Under said clause (f) the word “or” permits either 1000 applications to be made on 1000 motor vehicles, or 1 application to be made covering 1000 motor vehicles. Bodily injury and property damage may be included in the aggregate sum of $1,500,000.00 liability. The $1,500,000.00 of insurance contracted under said paragraph (f) may be covered in three applications of $500,000.00 each.
45-46June 12STATE BOARD OF HEALTH.Question of what the surname of a child should be.
45-46June 19FOREIGN INSURANCE COMPANIES.Foreign insurance companies are not required to comply with either Sec. 5809 or Sec. 5826, R.S. Mo. 1939, with respect to capital stock being paid up in full, if the State of its domicile does not so require. A foreign insurance company does not violate the terms of Sec. 6035, R.S. Mo 1939, if it holds some of its own stock, not absolutely or as collateral, but holds the same merely for conversion purposes of Preferred stock into Common stock or Common stock into Preferred stock.
45-46July 2DIVISION OF HEALTH. Political subdivisions may continue to participate financially with the Division of Health for health services in their political subdivision.
45-46July 16DIVISION OF HEALTH.A Deputy State Commissioner of Health has jurisdiction throughout the County, including the cities of said County, and the laws of this State do not provide for a Deputy State Commissioner of Health in incorporated cities of less than 75,000 inhabitants.
45-46Aug 21INSURANCE. Articles of the Association of the Group Casualty Underwriters, Inc., a Mutual Company.
45-46Aug 28INSURANCE. Increase of stock of Transit Casualty Company of St. Louis.
45-46Sept 17INSURANCE.Approval of increasing capital stock of the Missouri Insurance Co.
45-46Sept 23INSURANCE.Arts. of Inc. of the Group Fire Underwriters, Inc.
45-46Oct 4TAXATION.
Sales of tangible personal property to national banks are not subject to the Missouri retail sales tax.
45-46Nov 9INSURANCE.Approval of documents of Western Life Ins. Co., St. Louis, Mo.
45-46Nov 22 Opinion Letter to the Honorable Owen G. Jackson.
45-46Dec 19 Opinion Letter to the Honorable Owen G. Jackson.
45-46Dec 19 Opinion Letter to the Honorable Owen G. Jackson.
45-46Dec 21 Opinion Letter to the Honorable Owen G. Jackson.
Under Constitution of 1945 probate judges may continue to perform duties under the provisions of Section 9454, R. S. Mo. 1939.
46-46Apr 15BLIND PENSIONS. Construing Section 9451, page 786, Laws of Missouri, 1943.
46-46Apr 17BLIND PENSION. Maintenance costs granted applicant for blind pension while attending school under the rehabilitation program does not constitute income or money received from any source as provided in Section 9451, R. S. Mo. 1939.
46-46June 5BARBER BOARD.Barber with revoked license may apply for renewal within 90 days of revocation.
47-46Feb 7OFFICERS.
Vacancy in office of county surveyor would be filled by appointment by the Governor.
47-46Aug 27SCHOOLS. Consolidated school district to maintain action against directors of component districts to recover property of such districts.
47-46Sept 24CONSTABLES.The office of constable will be abolished as of January 1, 1947, or at the expiration of the term of the present constable if after January 1, 1947.
48-46May 2TIME.County officers of Iron County to operate on CST.
48-46June 12COUNTY CLERKS.
County Clerks may continue to receive fees as agents for the Conservation Commission in the sale of hunting and fishing licenses.
48-46July 8SHERIFFS.
House Committee Substitute for House Bill No. 872 is effective as of July 1, 1946. House Committee Substitute for House Bill No. 872 is not in conflict with Sec. 13 of Art. VII of the Constitution of 1945. Payment of salaries of sheriffs of counties of the fourth class would not be in violation of county Budget Law.
48-46July 23MAGISTRATE COURTS. Magistrate courts may issue writ of habeas corpus.
48-46Nov 19ELECTIONS. A canvasser, who has qualified, casting up the absentee votes is under the duty of certifying to the County Court the result of his canvass, and this is so regardless of the number of votes or whether there are any absentee votes.
Venue of crimes conducted with absentee voting is in county where affidavit and ballot are received and cast.
49-46Oct 30GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Contingent expense appropriation of 63rd General Assembly limited to expenses of that Assembly.
49-46Dec 11APPROPRIATIONS. Legislature is required to enact all other appropriation bills prior to the appropriation bill for expenses of the General Assembly.
50-46Mar 12STATE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE.Commissioner may determine extent of analysis of agricultural seeds.
51-46Apr 10PUBLIC SCHOOL RETIREMENT SYSTEM. Trustee of PSRS appointed by State Board of Education who is resident of school district included in retirement system but not employee thereof, is qualified to hold that office.
51-46July 20SCHOOLS.
Paragraph 4, Section 10029, R. S. Mo. 1939, does not give the Board of Nurse Examiners any power or control over schools and classes of nursing not accredited or registered.
53-46Apr 20Hon. Harry T. Limerick, Jr.WITHDRAWN
53-46June 25SCHOOLS.Interpretation of the meaning of “actual and necessary traveling expenses” as applied to county superintendent of schools.
56-46Jan 3AFFIDAVITS.An attorney-in-fact may not swear to the registration and anti-trust affidavit of a corporation under Sec. 119, page 472, Laws of Mo., 1943. Exception found in this section not applicable under the facts presented.
56-46Feb 28CRIMES AND PUNISHMENT. Obtaining money by false pretenses; oppression in office; exacting illegal fees by sheriff; officer accepting bribe.
56-46Oct 8OFFICERS.The Assessor and Coroner of Jasper County shall be paid according to the Laws of the 63rd General Assembly after July 1, 1946; members of the County Court and the County Clerk of Jasper County shall be paid according to the Revised Statutes of Missouri of 1939, during their present term.
57-46Mar 28PROBATE JUDGE.Not entitled to practice law after present term.
Under Section 25, Article V, Missouri Constitution 1945, incumbent probate judge cannot succeed himself if not in office when Constitution was adopted, unless licensed to practice law.
57-46June 5ROADS AND BRIDGES.Commissioners of road districts formed under Article 11, Chapter 46, R. S. Mo. 1939, elected by voters of district who qualify under Section 11469, Laws of Missouri 1943, Page 555.
57-46July 15TAXATION AND REVENUE. Basis to be used for computation of merchants ad valorem tax.
57-46July 16Mr. W. V. Mayse WITHDRAWN
57-46Sept 26TAXATION.Levying of taxes by directors of school districts and the right of the county court to amend such levies when such court is making the levy of taxes on railroads and other carriers for the rolling stock, road bed and movable property of such carriers.
58-46June 12PENSIONS.Funds for payment of firemen’s and policemen’s pension must come from source set out in pension plan adopted.
Treasurer of special road district is guilty of no criminal violation when trucks to be used by the road district are purchased from a firm of which he is president and principal stockholder, but if the treasurer is also a commissioner of the road district, the contract is against public policy.
58-46Dec 30PROBATE JUDGE.1. After January 1, 1947, cannot be paid anything for services other than his salary; 2. Can appraise estates for inheritance tax purposes without appointing appraisers, but cannot be paid extra for said service.
State Inspector of Oils cannot by rule extend provisions of law to require license from persons not included in statute.
Under Section 31, Article VI, Constitution of 1945, the City of St. Louis is recognized as a county. Under C.S.H.B #476 the City of St. Louis would be a county of the first class and laws applicable to such counties would apply to the City of St. Louis.
60-46Jan 16SCHOOLS.School districts cannot issue bond to buy school busses.
61-46Feb 4DRAINAGE DISTRICTS. In a county having township organization the County is liable for assessed benefits to roads in a drainage district which was organized under the County Court Drainage law.
61-46Mar 29POOL HALLS.Club operating pool hall and charging members for use of cues must procure license.
62-46May 18ELECTIONS.A person is entitled to the whole of the last day allowed by law to file for office, and it is the duty of the county clerk, or deputy, to be available all of this day.
62-46June 26JAILS.
Building jail and constructing vaults are separate projects, to be paid for out of separate funds, and contacts for each project must be let to lowest bidder.
Compensation of incumbent recorders in counties of the second class not to be increased as provided in House Bill No. 897 during present term of office. Should reappoint deputies.
62-46Oct 3Herbert S. Miller, M. D.WITHDRAWN
62-46Dec 5Hon. Edwin W. MillsWITHDRAWN
63-46Apr 26ELECTIONS.
A bond issue for a county hospital may be submitted at a primary election.
63-46Aug 2MARRIAGE.Marriage is not void when performed after expiration of license date.
63-46Sept 9Hon. Roscoe D. MooreWITHDRAWN
63-46Nov 19SHERIFFS.
The employment by a sheriff in a county of the third class of this wife to cook the meals for prisoners, for which the sheriff is reimbursed, violates Sec. 6, Art. VII, Constitution of Missouri.
64-46Feb 9BANKING CORPORATION.Under the order of the Commissioner of Finance for a banking corporation to restore impaired capital, the directors of such corporation may personally sign a guaranty or place property in escrow with a contract that such property may be held by the Commissioner of Finance, or other person designated, until the capital impairment of such corporation is restored from normal earnings or if need be, to sell such assets and apply the proceeds to such repairment. Such contact should be definite respecting the rights of all parties as to the holding, sale or withdrawal of such property.
64-46Mar 28BANKS.A bank and an endorser may not by contract fix or limit the liability of an endorsement contrary to the terms of Section 7952, Laws of Missouri, 1943.
64-46Mar 29BANKS.Under sub-section (e) of Section 7952, Laws of Missouri, 1943, page 995, such drafts or bills of exchange therein named are not exempted from the restrictions of sub-section 1 of said Section 7952, where such drafts are not drawn against “actually existing values” as contemplated by said sub-section (e) of said Section 7952. The drawing of such drafts due 30, 60 and 90 days from date would constitute a loan liability of the individual, partnership, corporation or body politic borrowing money from a bank and must be computed as such.
64-46May 24BANKS-TRUST COMPANIES.Banks or trust companies may not accept assigned life insurance policies as security for loans under Section 7952 or Section 8032, Laws of Mo. 1943, as security constituting “collateral security having an ascertained market value”, and if so used by a bank or trust company to increase the loan ratio of the capitalization of any such bank or trust company above the percentage set out in said Sections, such loan or loans would be excessive.
64-46July 22TAXATION AND REVENUE.Liability for payment of Missouri intangible personal property tax on interest-bearing accounts receivable of foreign corporations doing business in this state.
64-46July 25BOARD OF FUND COMMISSIONERS.Authority to impose charge for reregistration of Series J State of Missouri Road Bonds.
64-46Aug 3OFFICIAL BONDS.Recommended changes in form of bonds and insurance policy for Department of Revenue.
64-46Aug 20TAXATION AND REVENUE.Applicable personal exemptions to be allowed under Missouri income tax law for 1946.
64-46Oct 7TAXATION AND REVENUE.Liability for ad valorem tax on intangible personal property owned by religious educational and charitable institutions.
64-46Oct 24OFFICIAL BONDS.Director of Department of Revenue has no official duties with respect to bonds of township collectors.
64-46Oct 29TAXATION AND REVENUE.Necessity of filing returns for Missouri intangible personal property tax by joint owners.
64-46Nov 8TAXATION AND REVENUE.Investment certificates subject to intangible personal property tax under H.C.S.H.B. No. 868.
64-46Nov 19TAXATION AND REVENUE.National banks not required to file return of income for Missouri income tax purposes.
64-46Nov 21TAXATION AND REVENUE.Dividends received on national bank stock must be included in gross income for Missouri state income tax purposes.
64-46Dec 5TAXATION AND REVENUE.Refunds of taxes paid under House Bills 868, 869, 888 and 948 of the 63rd General Assembly.
64-46Dec 10TAXES.
Political subdivisions to which intangible tax is distributed.
65-46Jan 2MISSOURI TRAINING SCHOOL FOR BOYS.Maximum age which boys can be committed to the Missouri Training School for Boys at Boonville, and the use of certified copies of birth certificates as proof of age.
65-46Jan 7PARDON AND PAROLE.Parole can be revoked after expiration date of sentence for violation committed before such date.
65-46Sept 12PAROLES.Inmates of Missouri Training Schools may be paroled by the Board of Training Schools before serving penitentiary sentence.
66-46Apr 29SCHOOL BOARDS.(1). Section 10342A, R. S. Mo. 1939 will operate to re-employ a teacher in the event that its provisions are not complied with. (2) A school board member possessing the deciding vote may not vote for a person within the fourth degree on relationship by reason of Section 10342 R. S. Mo. 1939, nor may his failure to vote be ignored where his silence brings Section 10342A into operation.
66-46July 1SHERIFFS.Sheriffs may personally claim per diem attendance for two courts on the same day providing he can execute the requests or duties imposed upon him by each court.
Resignation of Senator during recess of Legislature should be directed to the Governor.
67-46Mar 7SCHOOLS.County court where indigent parents reside must furnish expenses of child in School for the Deaf.
67-46Sept 18COUNTY COURTS.County courts have jurisdiction to entertain proceedings for establishment and vacation of public roads.
Section 13470, R.S. Mo. 1939, inconsistent with Article VI, Section 13, Constitution, 1945, therefore, ineffective after July 1, 1946.
68-46Aug 13HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT.The legislature may regulate the Highway Department in any way which is not inconsistent with the limitations imposed upon the legislature by the constitutional provisions of the state or nation.
68-46Nov 25CORONER.
Coroner and employees of Jackson County entitled to charge fee and retain same for rendering unofficial duties not incompatible with statutory duties.
Purchasing Agent authorized to conduct sale of livestock, produce, etc., produced by eleemosynary institutions and pay proceeds therefrom into revolving fund of institution until such fund reaches $5000, and any surplus above that paid into state treasury to credit of the fund for the support of eleemosynary institutions.
Hospital fees arising out of compensation litigation should be paid to Commissioners of the Tuberculosis Hospital, who turn such fees over to the Treasurer of the Board.
69-46July 8FEES.Clerk, recorder and sheriffs; third class counties.
The Division of Welfare, being successor to Board of Managers of the State Eleemosynary Institutions, shall have custody of endowment fund for Confederate Home.
69-46Nov 25MERCHANTS’ LICENSES & BONDS.1) The tax rate to be charged for merchants’ licenses is the same as on real estate. Collector’s fees, $1.00. 2) Merchants’ licenses run from Jan. 1. to Jan. 1. 3) If a merchant begins business after the first Monday in Jan. of any year his license would run to the following Jan. 1. 4) The bond of a merchant must be delivered to the Collector at the time license is issued. 5) If a merchant does not obtain and pay for a license for 5 consecutive years immediately preceding application for license for the current year, he must deliver a bond to the collector at the time he obtains his license.
70-46Jan 8OFFICERS.
Treasurer cannot receive extra compensation for taking care of accounts of county toll bridges.
70-46Mar 18MERCHANT’S TAX.Corporation which consignes goods to a second corporation for storage and delivery only is liable under Section 11305, R.S. Mo. 1939, for a merchant’s tax.
70-46Apr 2LANDS.Federal Government may acquire land in Missouri without the consent of the State for public use.
70-46Sept 6TAXATION AND REVENUE.Necessity of inclusion of name of owner in publication for sale of real property for delinquent taxes.
70-46Dec 6Hon. Elmer PealWITHDRAWN
73-46Mar 29SCHOOLS.
Consolidated and Common School Districts may consolidate.
73-46Apr 19AUTHORITY OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT.1) May board of directors buy property that is not to be used for school purposes, 2) If they do will they be personally liable.
73-46July 17Hon. W. Oliver RaschWITHDRAWN
Public schools have right to teach barbering as vocational course without payment of fee as prescribed in Sec. 10134, R. S. Mo. 1939.
75-46May 15


Neither the county court nor the commissioners of special road districts organized under Article 10, Chapter 46, R.S. Mo. 1939, are authorized to purchase liability and property damage insurance to insure injury, death or damage resulting from the operation of motor vehicles owned and used in the building and maintenance of the district or county, and there is no need for such insurance.
76-46May 10ELEEMOSYNARY INSTITUTIONS.Validity of claims by state or county, for reimbursement for keep of patient as poor person at state hospitals, against estates of indigent patients.
76-46July 3Hon. Horace T. RobinsonWITHDRAWN
76-46Oct 14HIGHWAYS AND BRIDGES.Private citizens are responsible for removing an obstruction from a public road which was created by digging a drainage ditch across the road when they had not formed a legal drainage district.
77-46Apr 10STATE DEEDS.Approval of quit-claim deed to Project No. 23-127F; located at Rolla, Missouri.
78-46Jan 25SCHOOLS.Construing Section 10463, p. 889, Laws Mo. 1943.
78-46May 31PUBLIC SCHOOL RETIREMENT SYSTEM.Employer’s contribution to PSRS under H. B. 151 to be paid from school district’s Incidental Fund.
78-46Dec 5SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS.In re investments of funds by county courts in savings and loan associations accounts.
A devise for life with remainder to the heirs of the body is a contingent remainder, and a daughter of a remainderman who predeceased life tenant takes a share in the real estate.
80-46Aug 15SCHOOLS.
Lincoln University is not entitled to share in the seminary fund created under Section 10876, R. S. Mo. 1939.
81-46Feb 6MINES.
Constitutional provision changing date of fiscal year does not affect statutory requirement that Mine Inspector must make report in January.
81-46July 1SMALL LOANS.
Finance Commissioner has no authority to issue small loan licenses after July 1, 1946.
81-46July 25LOAN & INVESTMENT COMPANIES.Loan and investment companies may present a claim against the State to the Legislature for an appropriation as a refund for unused part of annual license fee, where the license has become inoperative by law. But they may not sue the State.
81-46Sept 11Mr. H. G. ShaffnerWITHDRAWN
81-46Sept 12CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.County courts, under the 1945 Constitution, retain jurisdiction to entertain petitions for the incorporation of cities and towns.
81-46Sept 20BANKS--LIQUIDATION FIXING FEES AND COMPENSATION OF EMPLOYEES.It is the duty of the Commissioner of Finance to fix the fees and compensation of employees, in the first instance, in a bank liquidation. If this has not been done, the Circuit Court or the judge thereof in vacation, may fix such charges.
81-46Oct 7BANKS—CAPITAL STOCK.Banks moving into a city of 50,000 or more population must operate under a minimum capital of at least $280,000. Should city boundaries of a city of 50,000 inhabitants or more be extended to include banks operating under a $25,000 capital, such banks are not required to increase their capital.
81-46Oct 7EDUCATION.
The State Board of Training Schools has, with the approval of the Director of Public Buildings, the authority to raze an unsafe building on the grounds of one of the State Training Schools.
81-46Dec 5BANKING CODE—BOARD OF APPEALS IN INCORPORATION OF BANKS.Senate Bill #196 recently passed by the Legislature, has no bearing upon, nor does it interfere with the duties of the Board of Appeals in bank incorporation matters provided for in Sections 7942 and 7943, because said sections, with other sections cited, provide for a complete plan for appeal and review by the Courts.
82-46Apr 30TAXATION.Scheme of taxation of national and domestic banking corporations provided in House Bill No. 888 is in lieu of all other taxes which might be imposed upon the tangible and intangible personal property of such corporations.
The State Purchasing Agent may execute a lease of real property for the Unemployment Compensation Commission of Missouri for a period of time which exceeds two years, provided that the terms of the lease called for payment of rent for the whole period within the appropriation period in which the lease is executed.
83-46Feb 14COUNTIES.
There is no reason nor authority for the county court to take out liability insurance on the employees of the county who work on the public roads of the county.
83-46Mar 12SHERIFF.
Sheriff entitled to no allowances for boarding juveniles held by him unlawfully. Sheriff entitled to $1.25 per day per person for boarding said juveniles if they are held upon formal complaint or information and are being investigated prior to commitment, otherwise to not more than 75¢, amount to be set by county court.
83-46Apr 17Hon. Forrest SmithWITHDRAWN
83-46June 4COUNTIES.The County Court is required to pay the expenses of the County Farm Organization within the limits of the provisions of Section 5 of House Bill 744, 63rd General Assembly.
83-46June 20Hon. Forrest SmithWITHDRAWN
The State Purchasing Agent has the discretion of selling goods to the highest and best bidder, if the highest bids are identical he has the discretion of determining which constitutes the best bid.
The money received from the sale of trucks used by the industries of the state penitentiary should be deposited in the state treasury to the credit of the revolving fund of the penitentiary.
83-46July 30ELECTIONS.
County committees may fill in candidates for office of county clerk at August 6, 1946, primary election.
83-46Sept 30PURCHASING AGENT.State departments may purchase personal property, through Purchasing Agent, by trading in property to be replaced and paying balance in cash.
An appropriation act which does not distinctly specify the amount and purpose of the appropriation without reference to any other law is unconstitutional.
83-46Nov 22Hon. Forrest SmithWITHDRAWN
83-46Nov 25SCHOOLS.Traveling expenses of county superintendents of 3rd and 4th class counties should be figured against total compensation of said officers.
Final disposition of change of venue fee under Section 1074, R.S. Mo. 1939.
The location of the city, town or village in which a county hospital is established under the provisions of Art. 4, Chap. 126, R.S. Mo. 1939, is designated by the county court. The exact site for such hospital is designated by board of trustees.
83-46Dec 23CORONER’S INQUEST.County to pay cost thereof.
83-46Dec 30COUNTY CLERKS.Will not vacate their office until the first Monday in January, 1947.
There is no authority for the confining of an habitual drunkard, who does not have manifestation of insanity, in the state insane asylum.
84-46May 10ELECTIONS.
Necessary qualifications for newspaper to publish notice.
84-46May 15SOCIAL SECURITY COMMISSION.Section 8, Article VII, Constitution, 1945, applies to officers and not employees.
84-46May 17SCHOOLS.President and Clerk of School District attending county school meeting entitled to 5¢ per mile going and returning.
Under Section 25, Article V, Constitution, 1945; and Section 3, Senate Bill 207, a de facto officer claiming the office of justice of the peace on February 27, 1945, cannot qualify for the office of magistrate where such officer is unlicensed to practice law.
84-46July 5RECORDER OF DEEDS.Five questions concerning fees for listing and issuing verified copies of discharges in county of the third class under H. B. 772.
84-46Sept 27ELECTIONS.It is necessary in a locality where there is registration of voters for the judges of each political party to initial the ballots in a general election.
85-46Jan 16TAXATION AND REVENUE.Right to exemption from taxation of real property belonging to German Saint Vincent Association.
85-46Apr 19Mr. Proctor N. CarterWITHDRAWN
85-46July 9MARRIAGES.Right of Probate or Circuit Court to order the issuance of marriage license to minors.
85-46July 16MOTOR VEHICLES.Minimum age required for drivers of common carriers under Section 5730, Laws of Missouri 1945, and Section 8447, R. S. Mo. 1939.
85-46Oct 12COUNTY COURT.
Appointee to fill unexpired term of county court is not entitled to increased compensation as provided in House Bill 778, passed by the 63rd General Assembly.
85-46Nov 12SHERIFFS.
Sheriffs allowed fees only upon strict compliance with statute.
85-46Dec 12MOTOR VEHICLES.Liabilities of the Motor Vehicle Unit of the Department of Revenue under House Bill 317.
87-46Mar 21Hon. W. W. SunderwirthWITHDRAWN
88-46Apr 10LEGISLATURE.Bill must be passed by majority of members elected even though there is a subsequent vacancy in the membership.
88-46May 10TAXATION.Non-profit cemeteries’ income from money loaned is taxable.
88-46May 17TAXATION.
The provisions of House Committee Substitute for House Bill 784, passed by the 63rd General Assembly and approved by the governor, does not take away from the special road district the money now in the treasury of such road district, and require it to be paid into the county treasury.
Representative employed by Director of Revenue on a per diem and mileage basis vacates his office as Representative.
89-46Apr 17BLIND PENSION.Board of Managers of School for the Blind unauthorized to pay expenses of teachers for travel to School for Instruction.
89-46Aug 20Hon. D. D. ThorneWITHDRAWN
89-46Oct 17TAXATION AND REVENUE.Real property owned by religious organization not exempt from taxation when not used exclusively for religious purposes.
Real and tangible personal property assessable by county assessor under House Bill 469. State alone may assess intangible personal property under Article X, Section 4c, Constitution 1945.
County contributions for Superintendent of Schools do not increase Superintendent’s salary so as to contravene Art. VII, Sec. 13, Const. of Mo. 1945.
92-46Oct 18MAGISTRATE COURTS.Providing for establishing and maintaining of offices of magistrates.
92-46Nov 14TOWNSHIPS.Fiscal year of townships shall run from the first Monday in March to the first Monday in March of the next year.
93-46Jan 29HIGHWAYS.Several questions concerning parking of vehicles on state highways, and authority of the Highway Patrol in connection therewith.
93-46Feb 16MOTOR VEHICLES.Passenger car used commercially subject to commercial motor vehicle fees.
93-46Feb 20COUNTY JAILS.Necessity of receiving prisoners committed for violation of ordinances of cities of the third class.
93-46June 4MOTOR VEHICLES.Computation of maximum allowable axle load of trucks.
A bus which is used to carry a school band from one town in Missouri to another town is within the exemption provisions of Section 5721 of the Public Service Act of Missouri.
93-46June 15CONSTABLES.Power and duties in all counties except first class counties and the city of St. Louis after June 30, 1946.
Law providing circuit judges shall approve compensation and appointment of deputy sheriffs and deputy circuit clerks is constitutional.
93-46Aug 29MOTOR VEHICLES.Use of truck ordinarily used in hauling commercially, and having only “local commercial license,” for transporting farm products for distance of more than 25 miles, where such use not wholly within one municipality or urban community, violates Sec. 8369, Laws 1943, pp. 664-666, and subjects user to penalty prescribed.
93-46Sept 26MISSOURI STATE HIGHWAY PATROL.(1) Necessity of employees of the State of Missouri and of members of Patrol complying with motor vehicle drivers’ regulations; and (2) applicability of Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act to employees of the State of Missouri and to members of Patrol.
When in possession of highway patrol, said money may be retained for evidence, but must be returned after the criminal proceedings.
93-46Nov 18Hon. Alvin B. WalkerWITHDRAWN
96-46Jan 9PENAL INSTITUTIONS.Sentences to different institutions are cumulative and not concurrent.
97-46Jan 4COUNTY ASSESSORS.Compensation controlled by statute.
97-46Feb 4COUNTY COURTS.County courts have the power, duty and authority to examine into the facts and law upon which fee bills are based.
97-46Mar 8Hon. Hugh P. WilliamsonWITHDRAWN
97-46Mar 20Hon. David W. WilsonWITHDRAWN
97-46Mar 28INHERITANCE TAX.Exemption from Missouri Inheritance Tax of bequest to be used for establishing the “James L. and Nellie M. Westlake Scholarship Foundation.”
97-46May 18TAXATION.Fire clay sold to a refractory not subject to sales tax.
97-46May 23Hon. Max R. WileyWITHDRAWN
97-46June 18PROBATE COURT.Probate judge entitled to fees which accrued last year of term, but not collected until 1947.
97-46July 3Hon. Bryan A. WilliamsWITHDRAWN
97-46Aug 19SHERIFFS.
Under the new Constitution and the present law the sheriffs of the counties of the state may succeed themselves in office.
97-46Sept 25Hon. Hugh P. WilliamsonWITHDRAWN
97-46Nov 7SCHOOLS.Organization of common school districts into city, town or village districts.
97-46Nov 21COUNTY BUDGET.Surplus in classes 1, 2 and 4 may be transferred to class 5 to be used as contingent and emergency expenses of the county.
Requirement of title.
The County Court, in its discretion, may levy a county road and bridge tax under the provision of House Bill No. 784 and, when a petition has been circulated and a road district within the county has voted an additional tax, the county court may levy said additional tax in the district or districts in which voted.
98-46Nov 27Mr. Charles A. WitteWITHDRAWN
99-46Apr 30SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS.Savings and Loan Association may mortgage, pledge or hypothecate assets as part of its power to borrow under Section 60 of House Bill 481.