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The Missouri Attorney General’s Office recently announced new settlements with several pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart), and two opioid manufacturers, Teva and Allergan, which could total an additional three hundred and fifty million dollars to Missouri and its subdivisions to be spent directly on opioid abatement and treatment.

This is in addition to the almost half billion dollars Missouri is receiving over the next 16 years from previous opioid settlements with Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Health, McKesson, and AmerisourceBergen. This money will go to aid those suffering from addiction and provide needed resources to treatment centers and other support systems across the state. With this settlement, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office is working to fight addiction and save lives.

The Missouri Attorney General has signed the forms for Missouri to begin participating in the settlements with these pharmacies and manufacturers. At this time, subdivisions must fill out participation forms to ensure the State and the subdivisions receive all settlement funds for which they are eligible.

The sign on process has begun with the national implementation manager, Rubris, sending qualifying subdivisions information regarding the settlements. The deadline for subdivisions to become an initial participating subdivision is April 18, 2023. If you believe your subdivision should have been contacted but was not, please follow up immediately with Rubris at the following email address: opioidsparticipation@rubris.com.

Formulas, allocations, and structures are still being worked out, so exact dollar numbers are not available at this moment. Any subdivision that does not participate cannot directly share in any of the settlement funds Missouri receives, even if Missouri and other participating subdivisions are sharing in settlement funds. Any subdivision that does not participate may also reduce the amount of money for programs to remediate the opioid crisis in Missouri.

For information about how the settlement is structured, check out the Structure of the Settlement page.

More information about these and previous opioid settlements may be found at www.nationalopioidsettlement.com.