The Missouri Attorney General’s Office recently announced a term sheet and settlement with several opioid distributors (McKesson, Amerisource Bergen, and Cardinal Health), and Johnson & Johnson, which could total just under half a billion dollars to be spent directly on opioid abatement and treatment. This money will go to aid those suffering from addiction and provide needed resources to treatment centers and other support systems across the state. With this settlement, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office is working to fight addiction and save lives.


Following the signing of the term sheet by the distributors and other states, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office will work to achieve subdivision sign-on to ensure the maximum amount is delivered to Missourians in need.


Formulas and structures are still being worked out, so exact dollar numbers aren’t available at this moment.


For information about how the settlement is structured, check out the Structure of the Settlement.


Check back in periodically for information on sign-on progress and updates on the settlement structure.