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The Child Support Unit of the Financial Services Section works to ensure Missouri’s children get the support they need from their parents. To provide relief for Missouri’s taxpayers, the Child Support Unit makes absent parents pay for the welfare benefits received by their children.

Since General Hawley took office:

  • The AGO obtained 1,258 judgments modifying child support orders for Missouri families.

  • The AGO obtained judgments ordering absent parents to reimburse taxpayers for $187,365.41 in welfare benefits.

  • The AGO obtained judgments preserving $364,287.95 in child support arrears due to the State of Missouri for reimbursement of welfare benefits.

  • The AGO collected $154,705.14 from employers whom failed to submit child support from parents’ paychecks.

  • The AGO successfully defended the Family Support Division against one father’s lawsuits contesting the Division’s authority to collect almost $100,000 in unpaid child support. Due to the AGO’s efforts, FSD collected $101,443.81 for the children of four mothers.

  • The AGO collected $166,589.23 in past due child support from just one probate estate. Two custodial parents received a total of over $161,000 in past due child support. The State of Missouri received almost $5,000 for reimbursement of state welfare benefits.