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Missouri Attorney General Prevails Again in St. Louis County Case, Obtains Preliminary Injunction Against Mask Mandate

Aug 19, 2021, 12:17 PM by AG Schmitt
Today, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt won another favorable ruling in his lawsuit against St. Louis County. Earlier today, the circuit court entered a preliminary injunction against the County, preventing them from enforcing the mask mandate in St. Louis County.
“The people prevailed yet again against County Executive Page and his health department for attempting to impose their will illegally on the people of St. Louis County,” said Attorney General Schmitt. “Today, the Court issued a preliminary injunction preventing the County from enforcing their mask mandate. I will not stop in my fight against government overreach.”
The circuit court previously issued a temporary restraining order against St. Louis County for continuing to implement a mask mandate despite the County Council voting the measure down by a supermajority vote.
Today the court issued a preliminary injunction, enjoining the County defendants from enforcing the July 26th mask mandate, and further that, “The court hereby orders Defendant Page, Defendant Kahn and Defendant St. Louis County Department of Public Health to include on any and all media, social media, websites, news, and all other relevant signage where the July 26, 2021 Face Covering Order is located a copy of this court’s preliminary injunction order.”
The preliminary injunction can be found here: