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Missouri Attorney General Files Suit Against Timeshare Exit Companies

Jul 6, 2020, 11:00 AM by AG Schmitt
Today, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced that his office has filed a lawsuit against Brian Scroggs and the following timeshare exit companies under his control: Vacation Consulting Services LLC, VCS Communications, LLC, The Transfer Group, LLC, and Real Travel L.L.C.

The lawsuit alleges that timeshare exit company employees, at the direction of Scroggs, solicited large sums of money from customers on the promise to either transfer or terminate consumer timeshare interests within one year or Scroggs’ companies would buy out the interests themselves. On numerous occasions, despite payments from consumers, Scroggs and his companies failed to provide the promised relief. 

In addition to promising consumers relief from their time share burdens, the lawsuit alleges that, at different times, Scroggs and his timeshare exit groups instructed clients to cease making maintenance payments on their timeshares because the exit groups would cover the costs themselves. However, Scroggs and the exit groups did not make those payments as promised. As a result, many customers have found themselves in arrears with their respective timeshare holding companies.  

“The Missouri Attorney General’s Office is dedicated to protecting consumers, and whenever we can take action to hold those seeking to defraud Missourians accountable, we will,” said Attorney General Schmitt. 

Those who believe they may have been scammed by Brian Scroggs, Vacation Consulting Services LLC, VCS Communications, LLC, The Transfer Group, LLC, and Real Travel L.L.C., or other timeshare exit companies should file a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office by calling the Consumer Protection hotline at 800-392-8222 or submitting a complaint online at

The lawsuit can be found here:'s-petition(11766309-10).pdf?sfvrsn=3201f8c3_2


Timeshare Exit Tips

  1.  For consumers who want to get out of the timeshare contract, they should reach out to the timeshare directly to see if they offer a deed-back or exit program.  If a program is not available, consult with an attorney for further legal advice.
  2. Beware of making upfront payments to timeshare exit companies for the work they promise.  
  3. Written guarantees from timeshare exit companies may not offer the protection or promises that consumers expect.
  4. Do your research.  Research the owners and the business carefully before paying any money.
  5. Check with the Attorney General’s office and BBB for complaints prior to doing any business with a timeshare exit company.  
  6. If you believe you have been scammed, you can contact the Missouri Attorney General’s office Consumer Protection hotline at 800-392-8222 or visit their website at

General Timeshare Tips

  • Look on the secondary market first. If you are interested in buying a timeshare, you may save thousands buying on the resale market. Be fully aware of what you are purchasing and from whom you are buying to ensure a smooth transaction. Make sure you have in writing the terms of the sale and what each side is responsible for paying at closing. Read the contract carefully and ask questions of the seller.
  • Don’t bow to pressure. Take time to think about your decision. Ask the salesperson to send you written information about your possible purchase, including a contract that you can review. There is nothing that says you have to sign the first thing that is shown to you. Let the deal breathe before you figure out if it is right for you.
  • Do your research. Compare travel savings with online travel services or local travel agents. Also, check out the company with the Attorney General’s office and the BBB.
  • Act fast if you are not satisfied. If you sign a contract for a timeshare or travel club, you have a short window to cancel the contract if you don’t like what you purchased. Don’t wait until after you get back from your trip to take a second look at the contract and research the company you are dealing with or it may be too late. Also, always pay with a credit card so you can challenge the charge should something go wrong with the purchase.