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The Missouri Attorney General’s Military Legal Assistance Team (MLAT) provides pro bono legal assistance to servicemembers in Missouri for qualifying legal matters. Additionally, the MLAT helps military service members and their families find and retain affordable and qualified legal counsel in the state. 

The MLAT is Missouri’s first statewide attorney general-led program offering our military communities access to pro bono civil legal services.

Services FINAL

  • Referrals to pro bono attorneys for representation for legal issues caused by or exacerbated by their military service. Pro bono representation is subject to eligibility requirements and the availability of attorneys in your area. 
  • Referrals to qualified and affordable attorneys for military members and their families for matters that are not eligible for pro bono representation. 
  • Combats predatory business practices targeting Missouri’s military communities. 
  • Educational presentations on military consumer protection issues, civil legal protections for servicemembers and MLAT services that are available to eligible servicemembers upon request. 
  • Provides legal representation for National Guard personnel with certain employment claims arising as a result of State Emergency Duty. Contact ESGR at (800) 336-4590 as the first step in resolving these concerns. Should ESGR be unsuccessful in resolving your issue, they will refer your case to the MLAT. 

Eligibility FINAL

To be eligible for MLAT referral to qualified and affordable legal counsel, you must meet the following qualifications: 

  • Be a servicemember or dependent of a servicemember of the armed forces (including Active Duty, National Guard or Reserves); and
  • The court of competent jurisdiction and venue for the legal issue must be within the State of Missouri. 

To be eligible for MLAT pro bono representation, you must meet the above qualifications and your legal issue must arise as a direct result of your service.






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