Be Careful What you Post on Social Networking Sites

One of the most important background checks an employer can do these days is to Google prospective job candidates, and then scour the social-networking universe for their personal profiles. The conventional wisdom is that as those who grew up with the Net get older, they'll pay the price for their youthful indiscretions that can never be removed. 

Facebook – How to Control Your Privacy Settings
Twitter – How to Control Your Privacy Settings   

Browse Without Danger

Have you been solicited by a stranger or a bully online?

  • Tell your parents, teacher, or any adult you trust.

Signs your friend might by in cyber danger:

  • Does your friend spend an unusual amount of time online?
  • Has your friend stopped hanging out with you after school?
  • Have you noticed a change in your friend’s personality?
  • Is your friend getting gifts through the mail?

Tips for Teens from Netsmartz

  • Watch teens share their own “Real-Life Stories” about issues affecting them on the Internet such as cyberbullying, online enticement, and giving out too much personal information.
  • Today's teens have knowledge of the Internet that often surpasses that of their parents. Because so many teens are Internet savvy, it is imperative that they also have an understanding of the dangers that exist online and how to deal with them. 
  • Your online profile can be viewed by anyone, including coaches, employers, and college admissions officers. Are you comfortable with what yours says about you? Watch the NSTeens in their latest video, Profile Penalty, where Tad tries to make sure that his online profile won’t embarrass him in front of coaches, colleges, and a certain girl-gamer!

Examples of Perpetrators Who Used Technology to Coerce, Deceive and Victimize Missouri Teens