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Message from Attorney General Eric Schmitt

Dear Parents:

I am writing to you today not only in my capacity as the State Attorney General but also as a man who is concerned about the safety of his children and all the children who are part of my extended family.

With the advent of modern technology the rules of parenting or guiding a young person have forever changed. The Internet can be an excellent source for information and entertainment. But it can also be a very dangerous place for children. As adults, it is our responsibility to provide a safe environment for our children at all times; and that includes when they are using the Internet.

The threat of sexual predators soliciting children for physical sexual contact is well-known and serious; the danger of perpetrators who produce, distribute and possess child pornography is equally dramatic and disturbing.

I know you share my concern about protecting our children. Here are some things we can do to keep our family members safe online:

  • Learn about the issues – Do your homework on the latest online trends and potential risks.
  • Communication is Key – Talk to your children and know who they are talking to or spending time with BOTH online and offline.
  • Protect Your Identity – Think TWICE before posting personal information on the Internet including names, passwords, contact information, as well as pictures which could give clues about your life or where you live. Remember: if it's on the Internet, it's NOT PRIVATE.
  • Take action – Contact your local law enforcement and CyberTipline if you or someone you know feels threatened or in danger.

Check out the websites I have offered to learn more ways to keep our children safer online.

Thank you.   
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Attorney General