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The agencies listed on this page are not specifically endorsed by the Missouri Attorney General's Office but are identified for informational purposes only. We acknowledge that this page is not a comprehensive list of Missouri’s existing resources and are continuously working to update this list.

Greater Kansas City Area

  1. Cornerstones of Care
    Pam Hamilton LCSW
    Kim Case -

    Cornerstones of Care has a long legacy of partnering with children and families to create safe and healthy communities. It serves more than 10,000 children and families through education, mental & behavioral health, foster care & adoption, youth & family support, and community trainings in Kansas, Missouri and beyond.

  2. The Justice Project KC
    PO Box 32804
    Kansas City, MO 64171

    In addition to court and victim advocacy, system navigation, and survivor support, The Justice Project KC provides consulting, prevention education, and training regarding trafficking. The Justice Project KC serves women and girls (including transgender women) in the Kansas City metro area using an individualized, trauma informed approach.

  3. Legal Aid of Western Missouri – Immigration Law Project
    920 Southwest Blvd
    Kansas City, MO 64108

    Legal Aid of Western Missouri provides free civil legal services to individuals who qualify for Legal Aid of Western Missouri services and reside within our 40-county service area of Western Missouri. Legal Aid is able to provide immigration advice to survivors of domestic violence, crimes, and human trafficking review their immigration options. Legal Aid also provides immigration services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers in Missouri and Kansas.

  4. Veronica’s Voice

    The mission of Veronica's Voice is to empower women to exit from, to prevent the entry into, and to end all demand for prostitution/sex trafficking in the United States through survivor leadership. Veronica's Voice provides two-year rent free housing in a trauma-responsive and supportive community, job skills training through our social enterprise, men's education, and advocacy at federal, state and local levels.

  5. Restoration House

    Restoration House of Greater Kansas City is a long-term faith-based residential recovery program for adult women survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Restoration House believes in empowering victims of sex trafficking through the healing and recovery process. Their holistic restoration program focuses on survivors healing from the indignities, trauma, and violence they have suffered by providing physical needs, recovery and addiction therapy, as well as education and job skill training.

  6. Rended Heart

    Rended Heart provides trauma-informed crisis intervention to individuals (men, women, children, LGBTQ) experiencing commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. Services include exit and safety planning, advocacy, trauma therapy, counseling, housing, recovery and/or restoration referral, basic needs, reintegration assistance, and more. Other programs include training and EPIK demand diversion.

Greater St. Louis Area

  1. The Covering House
    Fax: 314-962-3457

    The Covering House provides refuge and restoration, using the least restrictive environment, for sexually exploited and trafficked children and teens, providing safety, dignity, and freedom utilizing top level staffing and oversight.

  2. Crisis Aid International
    Founder: Pat Bradley
    PO Box 510167
    St. Louis, MO 63151

    Crisis Aid works closely with federal and local law enforcement officials, Department of Family Services, Children’s Division, and other agencies to refer victims to our home. The girls are provided a safe loving home with their own bedroom. They receive a variety of services and opportunities including basic care, professional counseling, medical and mental healthcare, dozens of life skills programs, educational opportunities, recreational activities, and more.

  3. Healing Action
    PO Box 39429
    St. Louis, MO 63139

    The organization serves adults with a history of commercial sexual exploitation including prostitution, pornography, stripping, escorting, and survival sex. - Healing action provides service management, peer-based and therapeutic groups, peer coaching, 1:1 trauma therapy, including EMDR, long-term supportive housing, and rental, down payment, and utility assistance. The organization also provides community education and training.

  4. International Institute of St Louis
    Whitney Howland 314-773-9090 X155
    Lara Fallon 314-773-9090 X160

    The International Institute is St. Louis’ welcoming center for new Americans. Our mission is to help immigrants and their families become productive Americans and champion ethnic diversity as a cultural and economic strength. The International Institute has worked in the anti-trafficking field since 2004 with the creation of the St. Louis Rescue and Restore Coalition. The program conducts direct outreach to vulnerable populations, and provides technical assistance and training to community organizations within the Eastern District of Missouri.

  5. Safe Connections
    St. Louis City, Missouri
    24/7 Crisis Helpline: 314-531-2003

    Safe Connections provides services before, during, and after domestic and sexual trauma occurs.

  6. YWCA Women’s Resource Center
    314-726-6665 (to speak to an advocate for questions and assistance)
    YWCA Rape Crisis Line - 314-531-7273 (for emergency assistance and questions)

    The YWCA provides in person crisis intervention, follow up case management and counseling to victims of sexual violence and abuse including sex trafficking.

Southwest Missouri

  1. On Time Ministry

    On Time Ministry receives human trafficking survivors from the street, jail and other facilities and places them in one of the organization’s home-like transitional houses. On Time Ministry strives to help victim/survivors heal and succeed in the world.

  2. The Kitchen, Inc.
    1630 N Jefferson
    Springfield, MO 65803

    The Kitchen, Inc.’s mission is to prevent and end homelessness in the community by providing housing and stabilizing services with dignity and compassion. The organization works with homeless individuals, families, youth, veterans and seniors, serving, primarily, the homeless population in Greene County.

  3. NightLight International/NightLight Missouri
    PO Box 1012
    Springfield, MO 65801

    NightLight provides local services and works primarily with adults who have been impacted by sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation.

  4. The Victim Center, Inc.
    819 N Boonville Ave
    Springfield, MO 65802

    24-Hour Crisis Hotline: 417-864-7233

    The Victim Center serves men, women, and children victims of violent crime by offering free-of-charge counseling, crisis intervention, and advocacy. The Victim Center also has a Prevention Education Program for schools, community, and professional groups.

Southeast Missouri

  1. Shared Hope International
    Shawn Wood, Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator & Trained Volunteer Ambassador of Hope

    Shared Hope International educates young people through prevention education training. This training includes videos and presentations like Chosen (a story of two female victims), Gang Trafficking and Internet Safety for youth and community events.

Central Missouri

  1. Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition - The Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition is a volunteer organization serving Central Missouri. Seeking to identify victims of human trafficking and expose traffickers, the group connects survivors to law enforcement, lawyers and resources to help with a full-range of needs. They also provide educational programs and training to businesses, schools, churches, and civic groups.

Get Help

Call the National Human Trafficking toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888: Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocates are available 24/7 to take reports of potential human trafficking. 

Text the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 233733. Message and data rates may apply.

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If you or someone else are in immediate danger, please call 911. 

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