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Attorney General Eric Schmitt has made fighting human trafficking and exploitation one of his office’s top priorities. The AGO has launched a number of initiatives to take immediate action on this critical issue.

  • Anti-Trafficking Enforcement Unit: The Attorney General created a new unit within the AGO that includes experienced prosecutors and investigators and that will focus exclusively on fighting human trafficking and exploitation.

  • New Regulations Against Human Trafficking: The Attorney General's Office has issued innovative new regulations, the first of their kind in the country, that would impose strict new criminal and civil penalties on human trafficking under Missouri’s consumer-protection laws.

  • Human Trafficking Task Force: The Attorney General's Office has convened a permanent, standing task force that includes experienced leaders from law enforcement, not-for-profit organizations, and victims’ advocacy groups to help establish a unified statewide anti-trafficking effort and to coordinate new approaches in the fight against trafficking and exploitation in Missouri. 

  • Human Trafficking Training: The Attorney General’s Office will collaborate with a coalition of law-enforcement officials, victims’ advocates, and non-profits to increase training regarding human trafficking across Missouri, including training for law enforcement and other groups well-positioned to identify and stop trafficking.

  • Business Council Against Human Trafficking: The Attorney General's Office invites all Missouri businesses to join the Business Council Against Human Trafficking. By educating employees, the Business Council empowers Missouri citizens in all types of professions to play an active role in the fight against human trafficking.

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