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AG Hawley takes emergency action to shut down Missouri businesses connected to human trafficking.
Attorney General Josh Hawley has taken emergency legal action to shut down a series of Southwest Missouri businesses connected to human trafficking. This action follows raids across the Springfield region by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Attorney General’s Office and other agencies targeting businesses believed to be involved in illegal trafficking.

AG Josh Hawley speaking with reporter AG Josh Hawley issues innovative new regulations to fight human trafficking. Attorney General Josh Hawley has issued innovative new regulations, the first of their kind in the country, that target human trafficking under Missouri’s consumer-protection laws. Among other things, the regulations would prohibit the use of “front” businesses in trafficking, prohibit “debt bondage” arrangements used to coerce victims into trafficking, and impose stiff new civil and criminal penalties for human trafficking.

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AG Josh Hawley creates new unit to combat human trafficking. Attorney General Josh Hawley has created a new Anti-Trafficking Enforcement Unit within the Attorney General’s Office. The new unit includes experienced prosecutors and investigators and will focus exclusively on fighting human trafficking and exploitation. The creation of this unit represents the first time that Missouri’s Attorney General has taken direct action against human trafficking.

AG Josh Hawley announces standing task force to coordinate statewide anti-trafficking efforts. Attorney General Josh Hawley announced the creation of a permanent, statewide Human Trafficking Task Force that includes law enforcement officials, local prosecutors, social-service providers, victims’ advocates, and individual human-trafficking survivors. The Task Force will coordinate law enforcement efforts and services for victims.