AG Hawley Announces Legislative Proposals to Strengthen Missouri Sunshine Law

Jan 22, 2018, 14:08 PM
Jan 22, 2018, 14:07 PM

Jefferson City, Mo.  – Following a meeting with leaders of the Missouri Press Association, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley today announced legislative proposals to strengthen enforcement of the Missouri Sunshine Law.

The Attorney General’s Office has three proposals. The first creates a Transparency Division within the Attorney General’s Office. The second proposal asks for authorization to issue investigative subpoenas in the course of its public-record law investigations. The third proposal asks the legislature to create remedies for violations of Chapter 109 of the Missouri Revised Statues and give the Office power to enforce those remedies.

 “The people of Missouri deserve an open, honest, and transparent government,” Hawley said. “Open-records laws ensure that Missourians and the press can hold government accountable. It is time to update these laws so that they stay current with our ever-changing needs and technology in our modern world.”

“The Missouri Press Association looks forward to working with the Attorney General and legislators to clarify issues with the aged Sunshine Law,” Jean Maneke, Counsel to the Missouri Press Association said. “We are pleased that this conversation has begun—and look forward to supporting progress with regards to keeping Missouri government open and transparent.”