Public Safety Section

  • Can the Attorney General’s Office investigate and/or prosecute my case?

    The involvement of the Attorney General’s Office is limited to those cases where our office has been appointed to assist at the request of a local prosecutor and by direction of the Governor, pursuant to Section 27.030, RSMo, or are appointed as special prosecutors by a court when local prosecutors have a conflict of interest, under Section 56.110, RSMo. The Office is not able to independently initiate or take over a case from a local law enforcement agency or from a local prosecutor unless specifically authorized to do so.
  • I have information about a crime. Who can I report this to?

    You should contact your local police or sheriff’s department.

  • Can the Attorney General’s Office give me legal advice about my case?

    No. The Attorney General’s Office can provide general information, direct you to pertinent agencies, or provide copies of statutes. The Attorney General is the attorney for the State of Missouri and its agencies and cannot offer legal advice or act on behalf of individuals. The Office does offer several publications that can be downloaded or received in hard copy. Likewise, the Missouri Bar’s Legal Topics webpage offers similar access to multiple publications. You may also want to contact a private lawyer to discuss your individual rights and remedies.

    The Missouri Bar’s Find A Lawyer webpage includes a statewide Lawyer Search that can help you locate a private attorney based on practice area and geographic location. In addition, the page offers links to an online Lawyer Directory and to information about discounted and pro bono services

  • I am a crime victim. How can I locate services?

    The Attorney General’s Office provides a list of agencies crime victims can call for help as well as a list of advocates for crime victims in counties throughout Missouri. You can also access the Missouri Attorney General’s Office crime victims’ rights booklet.
  • I have questions about concealed carry reciprocity. Where can I find additional information?

    You may access the Attorney General’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity page as well as Missouri’s Concealed Carry Law.