Litigation Section

What types of cases does the Litigation Section handle?

Attorneys in the Litigation Section are involved in personal injury lawsuits, contract actions, employment law cases, and civil rights cases. The Litigation Section also represents the State and its agencies in cases challenging the constitutionality of Missouri Statutes.

Who does the Litigation Division typically represent?

The Litigation Section represents the State of Missouri, its employees, and state agencies in civil litigation.

Does the Litigation Section represent all state employees?

No. Some state employees work for agencies that are not represented by the Missouri Attorney General but are represented by their own in-house counsel. The Litigation Section also does not represent state employees if the conduct for which they are being sued was not connected with their duties on behalf of the state.

What agencies, and their employees, does the Litigation Section represent?

The Litigation Section represents most of Missouri's executive departments in civil litigation. The Litigation Section also represents Executive Branch office-holders, the legislature, and state judges.

In what courts does the Litigation Section practice?

The attorneys of the Litigation Section practice before every level of Missouri state courts and federal courts, from state circuit and federal district courts, to state and federal appeals courts, to the Missouri and United States Supreme Courts.