The Attorney General provides important public protection by assuring pipeline safety in the state. The Attorney General has direct enforcement authority over the Missouri Underground Facility Safety and Damage Prevention Act, §§319.010 to 319.050, RSMo. That law requires all excavators to call the Missouri One Call System, Inc., notification center before digging anywhere in the state so that utility owners can mark the location of any underground facilities. The law also requires all utilities to mark underground facilities within two working days of being notified of a locate request.

That act provides important protection by assuring that before digging, workers know the location of gas, electric and other utility lines and facilities. When excavators or utility owners violate the law, they risk the safety of workers and the community. The consequences can be deadly.

The Attorney General’s Office has provided training to hundreds of companies and thousands of employees in order to assure compliance with the law. The Office has also enforced the law by assessing fines against violators and filing lawsuits against companies that had serious violations.

In 2020, the Attorney General's Office:

  • Received and investigated 139 new complaints.
  • Entered 51 settlement agreements with companies that violated the Missouri Underground Facility Safety and Damage Prevention Act.
  • Filed 11 new lawsuits in circuit court.
  • Assessed over $48,300 in penalties.


The Attorney General also shares responsibility for other aspects of pipeline safety. For example, under § 319.503, the Attorney General may pursue enforcement if the owner or operator of a pipeline causes a hazardous substance emergency.

Always remember to call before you dig. Call 1-800-DIG RITE (1-800-344-7483). Or just call 811.  You can also make a locate request online.

If you think a violation of the Missouri Underground Facility Safety and Damage Prevention Act has occurred, you can send a complaint to the Attorney General’s Office at onecallunit@ago.mo.gov. Please include a detailed description of the basis for your complaint, including the date and location, and attach any pictures or other documentation you have. Please note that complaints submitted to the Attorney General’s Office may be public records.