Natural Disasters

In Missouri, the weather is often fast-changing and unpredictable. From early spring and throughout summer, natural disasters such as flooding and tornadoes can and do occur. Unfortunately, dishonest contractors and scammers may see a natural disaster as a way to take advantage of consumers when they are vulnerable. Read More about Natural Disasters

Vacation Timeshare Industry

In order to avoid falling victim to fraud when conducting business in the vacation timeshare industry, the Attorney General’s Office offers the following tips to Missouri consumers: Be skeptical of discounts. Discounts offered on travel clubs often sound too good to be true. Websites such as Travelocity and Orbitz can be used to cross-check discounts. Read More about the Vacation Timeshare Industry

Tips to Avoid Flood Damaged Cars

Attorney General Schmitt warns consumers that thousands of vehicles have been damaged from recent hurricanes and have severe water damage. Consumers should take particular caution when purchasing vehicles of unknown history, follow a few common-sense practices to determine whether a low mileage vehicle is a bargain and not a flood damaged lemon, and pay attention if the title is a “salvaged,” “junk,” or “flood.” Read More about How to Avoid Flood Damaged Cars

Data Breaches

There have been several recent headlines about data breaches involving the personal information of consumers. Often the information at risk involves names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, and personal addresses. A breach may also involve driver’s license numbers and credit card numbers. Read More about Data Breaches