FAQ's about Professional Fundraisers

FAQs about Professional Fundraisers

Who is considered a professional fundraiser?
I am a development director or head of fundraising for a nonprofit in Missouri, do I need to register?
One or more nonprofits pay me to write grants for them, do I need to register?
I am a compensated consultant or fundraising counsel, do I need to register?
What is considered solicitation of funds?
What is not considered solicitation of funds for registration purposes?
When is my registration statement due?
Is there a fee to register as a professional fundraiser?
When must I renew my professional fundraiser registration?
I am a professional fundraiser who solicits in Missouri on behalf of two charitable organizations and I just entered into an agreement to solicit for a third charitable organization, what do I need to file?
How do I register as a professional fundraiser?
What information is required when I register?
Can I file the Unified Registration Statement (URS)?
When do I need to amend or update my professional fundraiser registration?
If my organization is registered in Missouri, do I need to register in any other state?
What happens if I fail to register?
Can I register online?
What is an appropriate percentage for a professional fundraiser to keep?
Who do I contact for additional information about professional fundraiser registration?

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