Registration FAQs

Who needs to register?
What organizations are considered charitable organizations?
My organization is recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS exempt under § 501(c)(3), do I still need to register?
What is not considered solicitation of funds for registration purposes?
How does Missouri law define “religious organizations” that are exempt from registration?
How does Missouri law define “educational institutions” that are exempt from registration?
When is my initial registration statement due?
When must I file my Charitable Organization Annual Renewal Statement?
What is the fee to register as a charitable organization?
What information is required when I register?
Can I file the Unified Registration Statement (URS)?
If my organization is registered in Missouri, do I need to register in any other state?
Do other states exempt from registration organizations that are exempt from taxation pursuant to § 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code?
What happens if my organization solicits in Missouri without registering?
Can I register online?

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For information on registering a nonprofit or professional fundraiser in Missouri:
        - Nonprofits
        - Professional Fundraisers

For information on providing notice to the Attorney General of the dissolution, transfer, or conveyance of assets of a nonprofit:
        - Non-For-Profit Dissolution