Not-for-profit corporations must notify Attorney General's Office about dissolution

A Missouri not-for-profit corporation planning to dissolve must give the Attorney General notice of the dissolution at or before the time it delivers articles of dissolution to the Secretary of State's Office. Notice should include a copy or summary of the plan of dissolution, and details regarding the vote of the directors and members on the issue of dissolution.

Pursuant to Chapter 355 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, corporations also must notify the Attorney General 20 days before the transfer or conveyance of assets. When the transfer or conveyance is complete, the board of directors must deliver to the Attorney General a list showing those, other than creditors, to whom the assets were transferred, including the address of each entity that received assets and what assets each received.

If an organization incorporated but never elected directors, accepted members, acquired assets nor conducted business, the original incorporators may vote to dissolve and may provide notice to the Attorney General.

Corporations may complete and file the notice of dissolution form Get the free Adobe Reader in satisfaction of those requirements. Please read the instructions Get the free Adobe Reader before completing the form.