Most Charitable Organizations and Professional Fundraisers Must Register

Most charitable organizations are required by Missouri statute to register with the Attorney General's Office before soliciting for donations in Missouri. Professional fundraisers and solicitors also are required to register.

Many of these charitable organizations also are required to file annual reports with the AG's Office and, on request, disclose how much of the solicited money is spent on fundraising costs. Charities exempt from this provision include religious organizations and educational institutions.

Questions about registration should be e-mailed to the charity registration specialist. The phone number is 573-751-3321.

Charitable Organization & Professional Fundraiser Registration   

  • Instructions from the Attorney General's office for charitable organization & professional fundraiser Registration registration statements, renewal application and annual reports should be followed and are available below.
  • The appropriate fee must be included with each registration statement, renewal application or annual report (except for the solicitor registration statement).
  • All registration statements, renewal applications and annual reports must be signed by hand and notarized.

Instructions and Forms 

If your previous registration has expired, please complete one of the following reinstatement forms: