Surf Safely, With Attorney General Chris Koster

A Message from Attorney General Chris Koster

Be Careful What you Post on Social Networking Sites

Wall Street Journal online, June 4, 2007, reports nearly 25% of human resources decision makers have rejected job candidates because of personal information found online. One of the most important background checks an employer can do these days is to Google prospective job candidates, and then scour the social-networking universe for their personal profiles. The conventional wisdom is that as those who grew up with the Net get older, they'll pay the price for their youthful indiscretions that can never be removed. The big sociological question: Will society simply adapt to the dichotomy between “public” Web life and one’s private offline life? Will job candidates really be held to task like politicians for something they wrote on a My Space or Facebook page 15 years ago?

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Surf Without Danger

Have you been solicited by a stranger or a bully online?

  • Tell your parents, teacher, or any adult you trust.

Signs your friend might by in cyber danger:

  • Does your friend spend an unusual amount of time online?
  • Has your friend stopped hanging out with you after school?
  • Have you noticed a change in your friend’s personality?
  • Is your friend getting gifts through the mail?