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Job opening for expert services

Attorney General's request for application for expert services to implement Section 590,650, RSMo, relating to racial profiling.

1. Introduction: This document, referred to as a Request For Application for Expert Services, constitutes a request for competitive applications from qualified individuals and organizations to perform statistical analysis services in accordance with the requirements set forth herein.

2. The Office of the Attorney General of Missouri ("Attorney General") desires to contract with interested organizations and individuals to perform Statistical Analysis Services related to data collected by Attorney General of all state and local law enforcement traffic stops made between January 1, 2008, and December 31, 2008. The Attorney General shall collect data from each agency which shall include the following:

2.1.1. Traffic violation resulting in stop.

2.1.2. Result of traffic stop.

2.1.3. Driver's race/minority status.

2.1.4. Driver's age.

2.1.5. Driver's gender.

2.1.6. Location of traffic stop.

2.1.7. Was a search initiated as a result of traffic stop?

2.1.8. What was searched?

2.1.9. Duration of search.

2.1.10. Was contraband discovered?

2.1.11. Was driver arrested?

2.1.12. If arrest made, crime/violation alleged.

3. Attached herein is a copy of the current data collection form for use by law enforcement officers conducting traffic stops.

3.1. The Attorney General's responsibilities include collecting the data described in Section 2 and compiling an annual report for the Governor, General Assembly and each law enforcement agency by June 1, 2009.

3.2. Although an attempt has been made to provide accurate and up-to-date information, the State of Missouri does not warrant or represent that the background information provided herein reflects all relationships or existing conditions related to this Application.

3.3. The Application should be submitted by January 15, 2009, by 5:00 p.m. by mail to the Office of the Attorney General in Jefferson City, Missouri, P.O. Box 899, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102, Attention: Carol Berendzen or by e-mail.

4. General Requirements:

4.1. The contractor shall provide services for the Attorney General in accordance with the requirements set forth herein.

4.2. The contractor shall provide statistical analysis services to the Attorney General related to traffic stop data collected by the Attorney General as described in Section 2.

4.3. The contractor must be an organization or individual offering statistical analysis services to the general public. The contractor, if an individual, and each person performing any services assigned to the contractor by the Attorney General must have a Master's or PhD degree in criminology, political science or a related field.

4.4. The contractor shall have at least three (3) years experience since completing the contractor's last degree in a field related to that degree and which includes analysis of large sets of data. For example, a contractor with a PhD in criminology and with three (3) years of experience analyzing crime data or related data as part of that contractor's position since completing that PhD would satisfy the provisions of this section.

4.5. The contractor shall provide no fewer than three (3) professional references who know the contractor in a professional context and are not related to the contractor by blood or marriage.

4.6. Before receiving an assignment, the contractor shall provide to the Attorney General a curriculum vitae and the curriculum vitae of all contractor's personnel who shall perform services related to this application. For the contractor, the curriculum vitae shall include a list of all publications authored or co-authored by that contractor.

4.7. The contractor shall not appoint any person to provide any services for the Attorney General who has pleaded guilty to or been found guilty of a felony offense.

4.8. The contractor shall provide services on an as needed, if needed, basis to the Attorney General.

4.8.1. The State of Missouri cannot guarantee a minimum or maximum amount of services which may be used, or that any services will be used at all.

4.8.2. The contractor agrees that the contract shall not be construed as an exclusive arrangement and further agrees that the Attorney General may secure identical and/or similar services from other sources at any time in conjunction with or in replacement of the contractor's services.

5. Specific Requirements: The contractor shall meet the following qualifications and provide the following services, or any portion thereof, as requested by the Attorney General:

5.1. The contractor must have a computer with an e-mail address and a private fax machine to receive assignments. A "private fax machine" is a fax machine available for use only by the contractor, and which receives facsimiles in the contractor's office.

5.1.1. The contractor shall not receive facsimiles or e-mails at a public facsimile service company or a terminal shared with an entity other than the contractor. The contractor's facsimile machine shall be available on a dedicated telephone line to receive facsimiles throughout the day.

5.2. The Attorney General will establish an annual budget for this contract. The contractor shall not receive payment in excess of the amount budgeted unless approved in advance by the Attorney General.

5.3. The contractor shall adhere to the requirements and specifications of this Application and, in addition, any specific instructions provided by the Attorney General at the time the work is assigned. However, the contractor, as an independent contractor, shall be free from the day-to-day control and supervision of the Attorney General and may exercise discretion regarding the manner and method of performing services.

5.4. The contractor and personnel associated with the contractor conducting services for the Attorney General shall not at any time perform any illegal act.

5.5. The contractor shall provide a high quality work product to the Attorney General, and the contractor shall guarantee the quality of its work.

6. Reporting Requirements: The contractor shall provide the following information to the Attorney General:

6.1. The total number of vehicles stopped in the State of Missouri and the other information listed in Section 2.

6.2. For each racial category, the total number of vehicles stopped and the other information, broken out by race, listed in Section 2.

6.3. A comparison of the percentage of stopped motor vehicles driven by each racial category and the percentage of the state's population that each minority group comprises.

6.4. Any other information that the Attorney General may request.

6.5. The contractor shall submit the final report in electronic and hard copy format to the Attorney General.

7. Additional Requirements:

7.1. Except as obligated by law, the contractor shall not at any time or in any manner, directly or indirectly, use or disclose to any person other than the Attorney General or the Attorney General's employee any confidential information learned or obtained while under contract with the Attorney General. As used herein, the term "confidential information" means information disclosed to or known by the contractor as a consequence of its relationship with Attorney General and not generally known as a matter of public record.

7.1.1. Once information obtained by the contractor becomes public, the contractor may not use any information learned or obtained while under contract with the Attorney General without first notifying the Attorney General how the information will be used and obtaining permission from the Attorney General to use the information in the manner requested.

7.2. The contractor shall provide office space and any related equipment, transportation, supplies and/or staff necessary to perform the services described herein.

7.3. If there is work assigned in which the contractor has any conflict of interest, this information shall immediately be brought to the attention of the Attorney General.

8. Invoicing and Payment Requirements:

8.1. The contractor shall submit monthly itemized invoices for services performed within five (5) days after the end of each calendar month to the Attorney General.

8.2. The contractor shall provide its hourly fee and expense requirements for compiling this report for statistical analysis and final reports in their application to this request.

8.3. The Attorney General shall not be liable for any costs except those specifically identified on the Pricing Page submitted by the applicant as part of their application.

8.4. The contractor shall be reimbursed for all ordinary, necessary, and proper expenses incurred for long distance telephone calls made, documents, and copies of documents obtained during the investigation. The contractor shall be required to submit to the Attorney General original receipts for expenses incurred.

9. General Contractual Requirements:

9.1. Contract Period: The original contract period shall be for one year. The contract shall not bind, nor purport to bind, the State for any contractual commitment in excess of the original contract period. The Attorney General shall have the right, at its sole option, to renew the contract for three additional one-year periods. In the event the Attorney General exercises such right, all terms, conditions, and provisions of the contract shall remain the same and apply during the renewal period, pursuant to applicable option clauses of this document.

9.2. Contractor Liability: The contractor shall be responsible for any and all injury or damage as a result of the contractor's negligence involving any equipment or service provided under the terms and conditions of the contract. In addition to the liability imposed upon the contractor on account of personal injury, bodily injury (including death), or property damage suffered as a result of the contractor's negligence, the contractor assumes the obligation to save the State of Missouri, including its agencies, employees, and assigns, from every expense, liability, or payment arising out of such negligent act. The contractor also agrees to hold the State of Missouri, including its agencies, employees, and assigns, harmless for any negligent act or omission.

10. Submission of Applications:

10.1. When submitting an application by mail, the contractor shall include three (3) additional copies along with the original application. If submitting an application by e-mail, the contractor shall also mail a disk to the Attorney General that contains the application.

10.2. To facilitate the hiring process, the contractor is encouraged to organize the application into distinctive sections that correspond with the individual categories described herein.

10.2.1. Each distinctive section should be titled with each individual category and all material related to that category should be included therein.

10.2.2. The signed page one from the original application and all signed amendments should be placed at the beginning of the contractor's application.

11. Review of Bidder's Experience, Reliability, and Expertise:

11.1. Experience, reliability and expertise of the contractor's organization and personnel will be considered in the hiring process. Therefore, the contractor is advised to submit any information which documents successful and reliable experience in past performances, especially those performances related to the requirements of this application.

11.2. The contractor should provide the following information related to previous and current contracts which are considered identical or similar to the requirements of this application:

11.2.1. Name, address, and telephone number of each contracting agency and a contact person who may be contacted for verification of all information submitted;

11.2.2. Dates of those contracts;

11.2.3. For each applicable contract, a brief, written description of the specific prior services performed and requirements thereof.

11.3. The applicant should submit documentation which verifies education and/or expertise in any or all of the following areas. The applicant should also elaborate on past work assignments through which education and/or experience in this area was obtained.

11.3.1. Knowledge/education and/or expertise in the analysis of large data sets.

11.3.2. Knowledge/education and/or expertise in the area of traffic stops or related law enforcement activity.

11.4. In addition, the applicant should describe and/or document the applicant's knowledge, skills and abilities in the areas listed below.

11.4.1. Good written and oral communication skills.

11.4.2. Good analytical skills.

11.4.3. Ability to communicate and work effectively with the Attorney General and other federal, state and local agencies, attorneys, law enforcement units, the professional community and the general public.

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