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2001 Annual Report on Traffic Stops

Accuracy verification statement for agency reports

The Attorney Generalís Office made extensive efforts to verify and correct all forms where numbers appeared incomplete or inaccurate. Following the March 1 deadline, calls were made to a number of agencies regarding incomplete or inaccurate data. To the extent that corrections could be determined, they were incorporated into the report.

In addition, all agencies were given the opportunity to review their final reports before publication and to make comments. At that point, corrections again were made for agencies and their comments have been included on individual city data sheets under the heading "Agency response."

Racial profiling forms submitted by agency
A-B | C | D-F | G-J | K-L | M-N | O-R | S | T-W
Individual reports are 115K PDF file

You can view all of the agency reports in two PDF files:
Part 1. Adair County-LaPlata (PDF file 1,695K). 
Part 2. Lathrop-Wyatt (PDF file 1,709K).

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Updated: March 21, 2003