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Front Line Report

2004 Issues

Issue DateTopics

August 2004 Get Acrobat Reader

  • New law requires photos of seized evidence.
  • Officers can carry hidden guns throughout U.S.
  • U.S. Supreme Court: Miranda warnings must be effective (Missouri v. Seibert).
  • Police can ask for name during stop (Hiibel v. Nevada).
  • Top court clarifies search incident to arrest (Thornton v. United States).
  • Police liable for executing incomplete warrant (Groh V. Ramirez).
  • Missouri Sunshine Law changes take effect Aug. 28.
  • Case law.

April 2004 Get Acrobat Reader

  • Nixon urges legislators to quickly clarify concealed-carry law.
  • Officers can frisk, seize weapons temporarily under concealed-carry law.
  • U.S. Supreme Court upholds checkpoint in Illinois v. Lidster.
  • No questioning allowed after traffic stops end, Missouri Supreme Court rules in State v. Barks.
  • Miranda violation does not create civil liability, U.S. Supreme Court says.
  • MOPS' annual DWI, vehicular homicide training May 27-28.
  • Nixon pushes tough new meth legislation.
  • Case law.
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