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Health spas

Health spas in Missouri must register

Section 407.327 RSMo states that it shall be unlawful for any health spa to offer, advertise, or execute or cause to be executed by the buyer any health spa contract in this state unless the health spa at the time of the offer, advertisement, sale or execution of a health spa contract has been properly registered with the office of the attorney general.

Health Spa Registration

  • Instructions from the Attorney General's office for health spa registration or renewal should be followed and are available below.
  • Health spas new to Missouri should complete the Health Spa Initial Registration Statement available below.
  • Health spas new to Missouri should also file and maintain with the office of the attorney general a bond with corporate surety or a letter of credit from a bank insured by FDIC in the amounts indicated below:
    Number of unexpired contracts
    exceeding 3 months
    Amount of bond or
    Letter of Credit
    500 or less $10,000.00
    501 to 1,000$20,000.00
    more than 1,000$25,000.00
    For convenience the Attorney General's Office has prepared a Letter of Credit form in pdf format.
  • Existing health spas should complete the Health Spa Annual Renewal Registration Statement available below.
  • Each location offering health spa services is considered a separate health spa and is required to file a registration, even though the locations are owned or operated by the same person.
  • A $100 fee must be included with each initial registration and renewal statement. Most health spas also must post a bond pursuant to Section 407.339.
  • All registration and renewal statements must be signed by hand and notarized.
  • Forms are in PDF format Indicates a PDF file and can be filled out on your computer using Adobe Acrobat, printed and mailed. Or you can print them and then type or legibly fill them by hand and mail.

Instructions and Forms

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