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1993 Missouri Attorney General's Opinions

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1993 Missouri Attorney General's Opinions

40-93 Jul 26 Counties.
County zoning.
Levee districts.
The provisions of Section 49.600.4, RSMo Supp.1992, and Section 64.001, RSMo Supp.1992, as enacted by House Bill No. 72, 86th General Assembly, First Regular Session (1991), apply to all levee districts organized pursuant to Chapter 245, RSMo, even those levee districts organized prior to March 4, 1991, the effective date of House Bill No. 72.
52-93 Jul 14    
59-93 May 14    
68-93 May 5 Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
School records.
Sunshine Law.
Under the facts presented, average Missouri Mastery and Achievement Test (MMAT) scores for each individual grade of each elementary school building within a school district are public records which are open to the public for inspection and copying.
73-93 Feb 10 Initiatives.  
74-93 Apr 9    
80-93 Apr 27 Concealed weapons.
County records.
Sunshine Law.
Records relating to permits to acquire a concealable firearm retained by a county sheriff as required by Section 571.090.5, RSMo Supp.1992, are public records open to inspection pursuant to Section 109.180, RSMo 1986, and Section 610.023, RSMo Supp.1992.
85-93 Mar 2 Initiatives.  
110-93 Sep 30 Constitution.
Political subdivisions.
Port Authority.
Article VI, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution does not prohibit a port authority organized under Chapter 68, RSMo, from owning all of the stock of a corporation which operates a railroad consistent with the statutory powers of a port authority.
112-93 Aug 24 Scholarships.
Student Financial Assistance Program.
Students who are home-schooled under Section 167.031, RSMo Supp.1992, and students who receive a certificate of high school equivalency under Sections 161.093 and 161.094, RSMo 1986, are not precluded from receiving a scholarship under the Higher Education Academic Scholarship Program authorized by Section 173.250, RSMo Supp.1992.
114-93 May 18 Rules and regulations.
St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners.
Term of office.
The St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners has no authority to provide by rule for the president and vice president of the board to have two year terms of office.
122-93 Aug 27 City judges.
Qualifications for office.
Section 479.020.7, RSMo, as amended by Conference Committee Substitute for House Substitute No. 2 for House Committee Substitute for Senate Committee Substitute for Senate Bill No. 88, 87th General Assembly, First Regular Session (1993) prohibits a municipal judge in a fourth class city who has reached his seventieth (70th) birthday from continuing to serve after the effective date of such bill, August 28, 1993.
127-93 Jul 7 Initiatives.  
128-93 Dec 14 Natural Resouces, Department of.
Solid wastes.
A city or county authorized by sub-section 2 of Section 260.215, RSMo Supp.1992, to adopt ordinances or orders, rules, regulations, or standards for the storage, collection, transportation, processing or disposal of solid wastes is authorized to adopt ordinances or orders that require the recycling of certain solid wastes.
129-93 Jul 12 Initiatives.  
136-93 Nov 10    
137-93 Jul 26 Initiatives.  
140-93 Sep 9 Conflict of interest.
Missouri Ethics Commission.
1) Pursuant to Section 105.454(5), RSMo Supp.1992, an elected or appointed official or employee of the state serving in an executive or administrative capacity may not perform any service for consideration, during one year after termination of his office or employment, by which performance he attempts to influence a decision of any agency of the state, except as provided in such section, and
2) not all meetings of boards and commissions in which a record of the proceedings may be kept and maintained as a public record is an "adversary proceeding" as defined in Section 105.450(1), RSMo Supp.1992.
142-93 Jul 26 Initiatives.  
143-93 Jul 30 Initiatives.  
147-93 Aug 4 Initiatives.  
148-93 Aug 4 Initiatives.  
150-93 Oct 5 Merit system.
Missouri Ethics Commission.
Employees of the Missouri Ethics Commission are not included among the employees designated in Section 36.030, RSMo Supp.1992, as being subject to the merit system.
151-93 Oct 8 Cities, towns and villages.
Fourth class cities.
The phrase "all the members elected to the board of aldermen" in Section 79.240, RSMo 1986, refers to the full authorized membership of the board so, if the board of aldermen consists of four members, the mayor may remove an alderman pursuant to such section only with the consent of three aldermen.
153-93 Aug 18 Initiatives.  
155-93 Aug 20 Initiatives.  
158-93 Oct 27    
159-93 Aug 20 Initiatives.  
162-93 Sep 3 Initiatives.  
163-93 Sep 3 Initiatives.  
179-93 Nov 5 Initiatives.  
184-93 Nov 12 Initiatives.  
192-93 Dec 14 Initiatives.  
194-93 Dec 27 Initiatives.  
201-93 Dec 29 Initiatives.  
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