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The deadline for filing claims in the LCD Flat Screen Settlement was December 6, 2012. If you tried to file a claim or need to provide additional information to the Settlement Administrator about your claim, please do so as soon as possible.

If you need to reach the Settlement Administrator about your claim, please call 1-855-225-1886. If you have additional questions you are also welcome to contact this office.

Status of the Settlements:

There were a total 10 settlement agreements presented to the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California for final approval; the first seven were approved by the Court in July, 2012, and the remaining three were approved in April, 2013.

Following these last approvals, a few class objectors filed appeals of all of the settlements. They are currently pursuing those appeals in the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Their appeals must be resolved before any distribution of the settlement funds can begin. Appeals to the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit can take as long as two years. Unfortunately, the court cannot release the settlement funds until the appeals are resolved.

The Federal District Court also awarded attorneys fees and costs to the lawyers prosecuting these cases. Payment of those monies also cannot occur until the appeals are resolved.

Any Missouri resident or business that filed a claim is invited to contact our office if you have any questions about the settlement or if your address changes before the settlement is paid.


Missouri businesses, consumers, and governmental entities spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on computers and other electronic devices containing TFT-LCD panels, often referred to as “flat screens.”

On August 17, 2010 Attorney General Koster filed suit along with State Attorneys General of Arkansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, and West Virginia against the world’s leading manufacturers of TFT-LCD panels alleging violations of state and federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. The lawsuit sought an injunction, restitution and other relief. This case was combined with similar lawsuits filed by the Attorneys General of Florida and New York as well as a nationwide class action that sought redress for consumers of various states. These lawsuits and others were filed or transferred to the United States District Court for Northern District of California.

We alleged that since the late 1990’s the world’s leading manufacturers of these TFT-LCD panels were conspiring with each other to keep prices higher so they could improve their profits in this mega-billion dollar market. TFT-LCD panels are incorporated into a wide variety of products, including computer monitors, flat screen televisions, and notebook monitors. Our litigation focused on these larger products. We alleged that the inflated prices resulting from the panel conspiracy were passed on to our citizens, businesses and our taxpayer-funded institutions when they bought computer monitors, flat screen televisions, and notebook computers.

Meanwhile, the settlement administrator who will be handling the distribution is working through claims and confirming appropriate documentation has been received. If Missouri claimants have questions about any communications they receive from the administrator, they should contact the Settlement Administrator at 1-855-225-1886. They are also welcome to contact our office with questions.

As the appeals progress and we have additional information or can project an expected payment date, we will post that information here. In the mean time, if you filed a claim and need to update your address or other information, please contact the Settlement Administrator to ensure its records remain current.

The principle settlement-related court filings may be reviewed at the Settlement Website at


The Missouri Attorney General’s Office was appointed Co-Liaison Counsel for the several States participating in this litigation and, in addition to litigating its case, participated in the negotiation of settlements with all of the manufacturers, resulting in a total of 10 settlements generating $1,082,055,647.39 for a settlement fund covering all of the litigation.

Most of these settlement funds will be used to pay claims of Missourians and the residents of the other states that have damages classes, including individuals and businesses. A portion will be set aside for governmental damages claims for the eight states whose Attorneys General participated in the settlement. Information will be provided to governmental and public entities in Missouri at a later date. A portion of the settlement will also be used to pay the attorneys their costs and fees in the investigation and litigation of these cases.

In addition to these settlements, the Missouri Attorney General and the other seven Attorneys General reached separate agreements with six of the manufacturers to resolve the claims they brought for civil penalties. As a result of these additional settlements, Missouri’s School Fund (which receives payments of penalties and fines) will receive more than $2 Million.

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