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Missouri businesses, consumers, and governmental entities spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on computers and other electronic devices containing TFT-LCD panels, often referred to as “flat screens.”

On August 17, 2010 Attorney General Koster filed suit along with State Attorneys General of Arkansas, Michigan, Wisconsin, and West Virginia against the world’s leading manufacturers of TFT-LCD panels alleging violations of state and federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. The lawsuit sought an injunction, restitution and other relief. This case was combined with similar lawsuits filed by the Attorneys General of Florida and New York as well as a nationwide class action that sought redress for consumers of various states. These lawsuits and others were filed or transferred to the United States District Court for Northern District of California.

We alleged that since the late 1990’s the world’s leading manufacturers of these TFT-LCD panels were conspiring with each other to keep prices higher so they could improve their profits in this mega-billion dollar market. TFT-LCD panels are incorporated into a wide variety of products, including computer monitors, flat screen televisions, and notebook monitors. Our litigation focused on these larger products. We alleged that the inflated prices resulting from the panel conspiracy were passed on to our citizens, businesses and our taxpayer-funded institutions when they bought computer monitors, flat screen televisions, and notebook computers.

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