Federalism Unit



The federal government finds new ways to interfere with Missourians’ lives on a daily basis. Attorney General Hawley promised to put an end to this federal government interference as Missouri Attorney General. The new Federalism Unit will do just that. Since the creation of the Federalism Unit the following initiatives have been completed:

1. Fully Repealed the Stream Protection Rule

This regulation, enacted during the final days of the Obama Administration, would have raised energy costs for all Missourians. That's why the Attorney General’s Office went to court to block it. Congress and President Trump responded by repealing it.

2. Took on the Unconstitutional Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The CFPB’s out-of-control regulations have been hurting Missourians for years. Government bureaucracies shouldn’t be able to impose burdensome regulations on small business and local banks without political accountability. Reforming this blatant violation of the separation of powers is essential to preserving the Constitution’s model of accountable, democratic government.

3. Took Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Fight to the Supreme Court

This rule was unauthorized, unconstitutional, and critically burdening for Missouri farmers. Attorney General Hawley promised to fight this kind of egregious overreach, and that's exactly what has been done. The Missouri Attorney General’s Office fought this rule vigorously in court, and now it is gone. The office applauds the EPA for finally putting this unconstitutional, Obama-era regulation to rest. It is time for farmers and ranchers who feed our families - and the world - to be protected. 

4. Challenged Obama Administration Overtime Rules

President Obama’s overtime regulations, unauthorized under the law, would have forced unduly burdensome costs and burdens on small businesses across Missouri. These regulations would have hurt workers and businesses alike, and hindered the progress of the Missouri economy. Attorney General Hawley promised to fight this kind of federal overreach, and that’s why the Attorney General’s Office took these rules to court.

5. Took on California’s job-killing regulations

Make no mistake, California’s egg farming regulations are simply another attempt by big-government liberals to impose job-killing regulation on Missouri. These regulations are unconstitutional. They will cost Missouri farmers tens of millions of dollars. They will cost Missouri families. And they will cost Missouri jobs. This is why the Attorney General’s Office took this fight all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

6. Filed suit against President Obama’s unlawful land regulations

Obama’s attempt to expand the definition of “critical habitat” for endangered and threatened species is a startling power grab that could negatively affect every farmer in Missouri. Missourians are well equipped to manage our natural resources and protect our endangered species. The State will not allow the federal government to unlawfully seize control of Missourians’ farms, ranches, and private property.

7. Challenged the Clean Power Plan in federal court

The Clean Power Plan is a massive network of regulations issued by President Obama that would have driven energy prices up in Missouri by double digits. The Attorney General’s Office fought these job-killing regulations in court and soon they will be gone. Relief is on the way for Missouri families.

8. Joined 24 other States Attorneys General to urge EPA to fully abolish WOTUS Rule

Missouri fought the WOTUS rule in court—and won. Now, Attorney General Josh Hawley is calling on the EPA to permanently abolish the 2015 Waters of the United States rule. Attorney General Hawley and 24 other attorneys general sent the EPA a letter calling on the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to fully eliminate the Obama-era rule and enforce pre-existing rules until more concise language can be adopted.