Consumer Protection



The Attorney General’s Office stewards the responsibility of ensuring that the Missouri marketplace is one of fairness and justice. The office’s Consumer Protection Section dedicates its efforts to ensuring that businesses and consumers alike have the opportunity to operate in a marketplace free of fraud, deception, and other illegal activity. 

The Attorney General’s Office receives consumer complaints, investigates those complaints, works with consumers and businesses to come to resolve the disputes, and, takes fraudsters to court to enforce the consumer protection laws of the state. 

To date, our mediators have obtained over $8 million in restitution for Missouri consumers.  See the monthly totals below:

  • January 2017 restitution - $1,471,871.40
  • February 2017 restitution - $1,403,645.39
  • March 2017 restitution - $2,250.321.85
  • April 2017 restitution - $1,291,742.08
  • May 2017 restitution - $916,750.12
  • June 2017 restitution - $1,073,162.16