AG Josh Hawley Emphasizes Office’s Commitment to Transparency

Sep 18, 2017, 17:08 PM
Sep 18, 2017, 17:05 PM

Jefferson City, Mo. – In response to the audit released by State Auditor Nicole Galloway this morning, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley emphasized his commitment to increasing transparency and accountability for expenditures from the State’s Legal Expense Fund. The audit released today analyzed records dating back to 2012, and it considered only the first two months of 2017. 

Immediately upon assuming office, Attorney General Hawley conducted his own review of the LEF and identified important areas for reform. Before the release of today’s audit, AG Hawley has taken important steps to increase the transparency and accountability surrounding the LEF, including: 

  • For the first time in the Office’s history, the AGO has begun releasing publicly available monthly reports detailing all expenditures from the LEF;

  • The Office implemented its first office-wide electronic document-management system to maximize internal case-tracking capabilities;

  • The Office added specific measures to track the status of cases covered by the LEF; and

  • The Office began monthly disclosures of the total estimated potential liability that pending cases may impose on the LEF.

 “My commitment to Missouri taxpayers will never waiver. Ensuring transparency of how those tax dollars are spent will always be one of my top priorities,” Hawley said. “My office is now shining a light on the expenditures so that taxpayers know how and where their money is being spent by publicizing reports detailing these expenditures. On my watch, taxpayer money will not be spent in secret.”


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