AG Hawley Announces Another Sexually Violent Predator Conviction

Apr 25, 2017, 10:09 AM
Apr 25, 2017, 10:08 AM

Jefferson City, Mo. – The Attorney General’s Office has secured the conviction of another sexually violent predator. A jury in Franklin County convicted James Crow, 62, on April 21. Crow has been committed to the Department of Mental Health for treatment until such time he is safe to be at large.

Crow was convicted in 1995 of sexual abuse in the first degree for abusing a five-year-old girl. Less than six months after his release from prison on that offense, he raped and sodomized two sisters, aged five and seven.

Last Friday he was convicted of four counts of statutory sodomy in the first degree and two counts of statutory rape in the first degree for his crimes. The jury heard additional evidence that Crow may have sexually abused as many as 20 victims, one as young as one-year old. At trial, expert witnesses testified that Crow suffered from a mental abnormality in the form of pedophilia. The experts also presented evidence of a long history of mental health institutionalizations and physically violent behavior as recent as last month.

“It took only half an hour for the members of the jury to determine that James Crow should be committed as a sexually violent predator,” Hawley said. “Thanks to the excellent work of law enforcement and our attorneys, the people of Franklin County are safer today.”

The case was prosecuted by AAGs Katharine Dolin and Gregory Goodwin.