AG Schmitt Highlights the State of Missouri in Speech to Missouri Boys State

Jun 20, 2019, 14:16 PM
Jun 20, 2019, 14:10 PM

Jefferson City, Mo. – In a speech to a raucous Missouri Boys State crowd on Tuesday evening, Attorney General Schmitt had a simple message: you’re welcome. Addressing everyone located outside of Missouri – specifically those in the coastal states - Schmitt highlighted the important inventions, people, and events that have all come out of Missouri, followed by a hearty “you’re welcome.”

After the introductions, Attorney General Schmitt launched into the heart of his speech: “That brings me to the subject of these remarks, and why I have a little bone to pick. I think our state is a little misunderstood. People on the coasts often refer to us as flyover country, suggesting that we aren’t quite as sophisticated or as exciting as the coastal states. When they think of Missouri, they might think of great barbecue, our competitive sports teams, and they might also have heard of our rich and diverse agriculture base. But our state is much more than that, it’s amazing. And our people, including graduates of Missouri Boys State, have gone on to do some remarkable things.”

Schmitt continued, “So to these folks who don’t know much about us, I say this: you’re welcome. That’s right, you’re welcome. You see, without Missouri and our people’s spirit of innovation, our commitment to community, and our service for the common good, our country and our world would be a much different place.”

Schmitt then asked the crowd, “do you enjoy iced tea or an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day? Well, you’re welcome, because both of those were invented in Missouri at the 1904 World’s Fair.”

Mentioning the microchip, Twitter, Square, and LCD technology, all created by native Missourians, Schmitt then jokingly quipped, “Silicon Valley has nothing on Missouri.”

Next, Schmitt named celebrities like Jenna Fischer, Jon Hamm, Chuck Berry, Brad Pitt, Andy Cohen, Walt Disney, and more, remarking, “Hey Hollywood, do you like these entertainers? Well so do we, because they’re our fellow Missourians.”

After reciting the laundry list of accomplishments and people that have come out of Missouri, Attorney General Schmitt again turned to the crowd at Missouri Boys State to urge them to wade into their communities and serve.

Schmitt finished on a quote from Theodore Roosevelt and said to the young leaders gathered, “Grit, determination, and never giving up are lifelong skills that will help you achieve great things in the time you have on this earth. So thank you. Thank you for jumping into this arena and be willing to be marred by dust and sweat and blood to make our state the very best state it can be for generations to come. God bless America, and God bless the great state of Missouri.”

The full speech can be found here.