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Use the search function at the top left part of the page. This search function uses the Missouri state government Web search engine, but only searches the Attorney General's Web site.

Once the search results are displayed, click on the underlined page title or URL to view the information. The listing of the search results will include an indicator of how closely the match meets your search criteria. The more stars, the better the match.

Also, use the dropdown menus at the very top of the page. If the menus do not display, you can still click on the text to go to a page that displays the same links.

In addition, you may visit the site map to view the structure of the Attorney General's website.

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Visit one of our frequently asked questions pages. The FAQs pages are specific to the portion of the Attorney General's website that interests you.

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Suggestions & Comments

E-mail the Attorney General's Office at

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Reproduction and Redistribution of Website Content

General Terms for Reproduction and Redistribution

Any person can view, copy, print and distribute these documents subject to the following conditions:

  • Images and articles in all documents may not be reproduced or redistributed (in part or whole) for resale or as part of another publication, advertisement, etc. without express permission of the Missouri Attorney General's Office, Communications Office.
  • Copies of images and articles may be used for informational or educational purposes if they are attributed to the Missouri Attorney General's Office.
  • Documents distributed electronically, such as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) and html, are not to be altered or manipulated. Acrobat images may be viewed with an Adobe viewer or other applications with Acrobat read capabilities. Other files may be viewed or printed using standard means.
  • Lawsuits are public information and may be copied.

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News organizations

News releases, reports, images and other information on this Web site may be used by news organizations for reproduction in the news media.

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Yes. Reproduction of images and articles in all documents for informational or educational purposes does not mean reproduction of such items on a commercial Web site. Such use falls under reproduction as part of another publication. "Commercial Web site" is a grouping of Web pages which, taken in total through the following of navigation or insertion of advertisements, serves the commercial purposes of a company or individuals. Examples of commercial purposes include (but are not limited to) enhancement of commercial areas, online sales catalogs and information sites gaining revenue from advertisements or insertions of links.

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PDF Files

What is a PDF file?

Some links have an icon next to them Get Adobe Reader that indicates the document is an Acrobat (or PDF) file. A PDF file preserves the original look of the printed hard-copy document, including the layout and text style. Web pages can't preserve the different fonts and layouts that printed documents have. Several of our publications and forms are in PDF format. To read an Acrobat file, you must have:

  • A Web browser that supports plug-ins.
  • The free Acrobat Reader plug-in or Reader.
  • Your Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, set up to know how to use the plug-in.

To get the free Acrobat reader, go to and follow the instructions to download and install it on your computer. There are Macintosh, OS2, Windows 3.1, Windows95/98, WindowsNT, Unix, and other versions available.

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How do I get my Web browser to open a PDF file?

Usually when you download and run the installer on your computer, it automatically will configure your Web browser to open and use the Acrobat Reader. However, your browser may not correctly handle the plug-in. When you click on a PDF file, your Web browser may download the PDF file but not open it in Acrobat Reader. Or the browser may not download the PDF file, but instead generate an error.

Go to the preferences section of your Web browser (from the pull-down menu on the browser) and go to the section on "file helpers" or "applications." You will see the plug-ins your browser is using and can add or edit an entry to handle Acrobat files. You will need to read the documentation on your browser to see how this is done. You also might reinstall your Acrobat Reader and make sure to click the options that install the plug-in for your Web browser.

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What if I have Acrobat Reader and want to download and read a PDF file?

If you are using a Macintosh, click on the link to the PDF file and hold down the mouse button. If you are using Windows, click on the link to the PDF file with the right mouse button. A menu will pop up next to your mouse. One of the menu options will be to "download link to disk" or "save this link as ..." or some similar wording indicating you will be downloading or saving the link to your computer. Select this menu option and save the file on your computer's hard drive where you can find it.

Exit your Web browser and start your Acrobat Reader program. Then open the file you just downloaded. You should be able to read the file.

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Links to the Attorney General's Website

Links may be made to any documents on this Web site subject to the following conditions:

  • Images and articles in all documents may not be incorporated into a Web document so the origin of the image or article cannot be determined.
  • Images and articles included in all documents may not be incorporated into a Web document within frames so that advertisements or other navigation can be associated with the image or article.

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Disclaimer on links from the AGO Website to other Web sites

The Office of the Missouri Attorney General provides links to other Web sites. However, the office has no control over those sites and cannot vouch for information found there nor on any page accessible from that site. The content of those sites are the sole responsibility of those who maintain them and are not necessarily the views of the Attorney General. In no way should a link from the Attorney General's Office Web site be construed as an endorsement by the Attorney General of that organization or the views contained in that site.

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