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Benefits for Eligible Employees


Full-time, permanent employees earn 10 hours of paid vacation each month. The amount of vacation time earned increases with years of service, up to a maximum of 14 hours per month after 15 years of service.

Sick Leave

Full-time, permanent employees are eligible for paid sick leave at the rate of 10 hours per month.

Paid Holidays

Full-time, permanent employees receive time off with pay for 12 holidays each year.

Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

Health, dental and vision insurance benefits can become effective on the first day of the month following the date of employment. There are several plans from which to choose. Spouse and family coverage is also available.

Life Insurance

Life insurance benefits are available. Eligible employees will automatically receive one times their annual salary in basic life insurance coverage at no cost to the employee. You also may purchase additional term life insurance - up to six times your annual salary. Optional spouse and dependent life insurance is also available.

Long-term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance is provided for all full-time, permanent employees.


Full-time, permanent employees are covered under the Missouri State Employees Retirement System. The retirement plan is financed entirely by the State and does not require employee contribution. Once you have five years of service, you are fully "vested" and entitled to retirement benefits once eligibility requirements have been met.

Cafeteria Plan

Full-time, permanent employees have the option to enroll in the Cafeteria Plan each year. You may enroll your monthly premiums for your health, dental and vision insurance plans, as well as child care and other medical expenses.

Deferred Compensation

Employees can have up to $16,500 (until age 50) or $22,000 (at age 50 and above) deducted annually from their paychecks and invested in a number of investment plans. This money is deducted before taxes, resulting in substantial deferments in state and federal taxes.

Workers' Compensation

All employees are covered by the Missouri Workers' Compensation Law, which provides medical and disability benefits if you are injured on the job.

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