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Frequently asked questions of the Governmental Affairs Division

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Which government agencies does Governmental Affairs represent?

Governmental Affairs represents various agencies listed under the Division of Professional Registration (such as the Board of Nursing, Real Estate Commission, Dental Board).

Governmental Affairs also represents the Department of Mental Health, the Lottery Commission, the Ethics Commission, the Gaming Commission, the Department of Social Services, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Health Facilities Review Committee, and the Department of Health and Senior Services.

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What units exist within Governmental Affairs, and what type of work does each unit do?

Professional Licensing Unit

This unit protects the safety and well-being of citizens by ensuring that professionals such as doctors adhere to state laws and disciplinary rules. Division attorneys represent many of the state's regulatory and licensing agencies.

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Governmental Entities Unit

Attorneys represent the Lottery Commission, help regulate Medicaid litigation. They also handle important litigation in all levels of federal and state courts and in state administrative hearings.

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In what courts do Governmental Affairs attorneys appear?

They handle litigation in all levels of federal and state courts as well as state administrative hearings including before the Administrative Hearing Commission.

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What is the Administrative Hearing Commission?

The Administrative Hearing Commission is a neutral independent, administrative tribunal. Some of its cases are appeals from decisions of other State agencies. Others are cases that an agency or private citizen starts at the Administrative Hearing Commission.

The Administrative Hearing Commission has jurisdiction in more than 100 matters specified by state statutes, including state tax, professional licensing and Medicaid provider issues; Ethics Commission late filing fee assessments; and Highways and Transportation Commission actions relating to railroads and motor carriers. The Administrative Hearing Commission makes decisions under contested case procedure, usually involving a trial-type hearing. All such decisions are subject to review by the courts.

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How do I check on the status of a professional license?

You may search a database of professional licensees using the Division of Professional Registration licensee search engine.

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