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Missouri Attorney General

Consumer Complaints

The Attorney General works to protect consumers and ensure a fair marketplace by enforcing Missouriís Merchandising Practices Act, as well as other laws. By filing complaints, consumers let the Attorney Generalís Office know about unscrupulous businesses and individuals. We rely on consumers to act as our partners in rooting out fraud and helping us bring criminals and scammers to justice.

In addition to filing criminal charges and civil lawsuits, the Attorney Generalís Office also mediates complaints between businesses and consumers. Each year, this mediation process results in millions of dollars in restitution for consumers through an exchange of services, fulfillment of promises, and many other ways that resolve many disputes.

Because the Attorney Generalís Office brings enforcement actions on behalf of the state, not individual consumers, it is prohibited by law from providing legal advice to you. If you want to preserve any private legal rights you might have, you may wish to contact a private attorney.

File a Complaint

The Consumer Complaint Form is available for online submission.

The Consumer Complaint Form is also available in pdf format. If possible, please complete the PDF form by computer. If you don't fill it out by computer, type or hand-print clearly in dark ink. Incomplete or unclear forms will be returned. Be sure to enclose copies of important documents concerning your transaction such as contracts, invoices, warranties, brochures and canceled checks. Do not send originals.

Call the Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-392-8222 (Outside MO: 573-751-3321) for more information about filing a complaint.

Know MO

Missouri consumers now have a tool to help them in making decisions about buying goods or contracting for services.

"Know MO" enables consumers to look up complaints the Attorney General's Office has received about individuals and businesses.

Top Ten List of Complaints

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