Child Support

  • What is the role of the Attorney General's Office in child support matters?

  • What types of child support enforcement does the Attorney General's Office handle?

  • How does the Attorney General get involved in child support cases?

  • What types of modification actions does the Attorney General's Office handle?

  • What do I do if I am not happy with the actions taken by my caseworker?

  • How can I collect on overdue child support payments?

Estate Recovery

  • What is the Estate Recovery Program?

  • How do I know if the state has a claim against an estate?

  • What types of property are subject to recovery by the state in the Estate Recovery Programs?

  • Are there exemptions from Estate Recovery?

  • What types of debts are collectable through the Estate Recovery programs?

  • How does the Estate Recovery Program work?

  • What are the time limitations the state has to pursue recovery against an estate?

  • Who is affected by the Estate Recovery Program?

General Collection

Missouri Incarceration Reimbursement (MIRA)

  • What is MIRA?

  • Who is affected by MIRA?

  • What are the recoverable assets under MIRA?

  • Does the court take into consideration obligations to support dependents in an action brought under MIRA?

Service on State Agencies