Protecting the Health and Safety of All Missourians

The Agriculture and Environment Section works to protect and enhance agriculture and the quality of life for all Missourians. The attorneys protect our food supply and the financial security of farmers by aggressively enforcing the state’s agricultural and food safety laws. The section enforces the state’s environmental laws, assuring that Missouri’s citizens are free from the impact of dangerous water pollution and air pollution and illegal hazardous waste.

Actions have included:

  • Recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for Missouri farmers who were cheated by unscrupulous grain dealers.
  • Removed over 14 tons of contaminated food from the market.

  • Stopped foul odors and dangerous pollutants from the Bridgeton landfill fire.

  • Recovered over $50 million in bankruptcy cases to pay for cleanup of contaminated properties around the state.

  • Worked with the Department of Agriculture to rescue almost 7,000 dogs and cats from dangerous, substandard breeding operations.

  • Imposed, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Justice, a $7 million civil penalty and a $65 million cleanup against Doe Run Resources Company.

  • Gotten over 250 judgments entered against those people who have polluted Missouri’s land, water and air.

  • Enforced Missouri’s pipeline safety statutes by training hundreds of companies and fining dozens of companies that failed to follow those laws.

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